Monday, June 17, 2013

Morsi Appoints New Governors And #MB stupidity

President Morsi has issued a new presidential decree to appoint new 17 governors. I think that this is the third time he has changed the governors since becoming a president. The new governors' reshuffle is as follows : 7 Muslim brotherhood members, 5 army generals , 2 independent , 1 Gad El Thawra member and 1 Al Gama'a Al Islamiyaa member and I think one Salafist too.

I will not comment on how I find it strange from political perspective to find Morsi taking such decision 2 weeks prior the 30/6 protests provoking people in governorates by appointing more MB members as governors in anti-MB governorates like Monufia. For God sake The people signed rebellion petitions in the Nile Delta governorate more than in Cairo. I will not comment on how we do not know till this day on what basis those men are appointed as governors.

I will comment on one thing : How president Morsi and his advisors and aides like Pakinam El Sharkawy found it acceptable and logic to appoint Adel El Khayaat , the leading member of Al Gama'a Al Islamiyaa as the governor of Luxor.

El Khayaat is said already to be the prince "Amir" of the notorious group's branch in Assuit so he is not from Luxor in the first place. Second how on earth and heavens you appoint a member if the group is involved in the massacre of Luxor when more than 60 people mostly tourists were killed in 1997 by radicals in one of the Worst terrorist incidents in Egypt. I do not know what kind of message Morsi is sending through appointing a member in an extremist group as a governor of a tourist attraction governorate. Hell Luxor is the second attraction after the pyramids when it comes to ancient Egyptian civilization !!

Another thing what I know about Luxor is considered a Sufi center in Upper Egypt. Sufism and Al Gama'a do not mix.

By the way I see some sort of Al Gama'a Al Islamiyaa Muslim Brotherhood alliance taking place. This alliance is replacing the MB Al Nour/ Salafist Calling alliance

Another thing I see more army ranks with my all due respect to the generals in the governors reshuffles and that makes me wonder about the myth of Mohamed Morsi ended the military rule and military control in Egypt. By



  1. Zeinobia: Why are you surprised by his choices? His aim is akhwanat masr and no more

    He is not interested in hiring the right man/woman for the right job and this is why Hukm el-ikhwan should come to an end

    If Morsi was really sincere which he is not he would have hired let us say Dr Naguib Yacoub as the minster of health and Dr Ahmed Zewail as let us say minster of education and Adel Imam as the minster of culture instead of hiring these ignorant imbeciles that he keeps on hiring

  2. I wrote

    >Dr Naguib Yacoub

    It should be Magdi Yacoub and sorry for the mistake

  3. I am outraged! Making a man from al-Gama'a al-Islameyya the new governor of Luxor is an insult to the more than 60 innocent victims that have been slaughtered by gunmen of this group in the infamous Hatshepsut massacre in 1997 in the exact same city. It is a slap in the face for all fellow Luxor citizens who stood up to religious extremism and against al-Gama'a al-Islameyya after that horrible tragedy. With all done respect, president Mursi is obviously trying to ruin tourism in Egypt completely. The message he sends is clear and will be understood: Be a prominent member of a group that slaughtered tourists just some years ago, I make you governor anyways. Who cares about killing tourists?

    As we say in my country, your friends tell a lot about yourself. Please think about that, Mr. Mursi.

    Hopefully whole Luxor just signed tamarod today.

  4. The ecclesiasticals :))) bye for now,6/17/2013 11:19:00 PM

    Come on dig your graves before it is too late.You have not seen this coming.hurry up,before your doomed souls rot infront of your own eyes. stupid summoners.

    1. will dig coptic graves

    2. el-khayban el-ikhwangee el-kabeer wrote

      >will dig coptic graves

      Are you aware that inciting violence as you seem to do is criminal? What a coward

  5. all coptic who will protests in 30 june will pay the price

    1. I will protest just because you said that.

  6. after jika zenobia next target

  7. you wrote

    >all coptic who will protests in 30 june will pay the price

    Let me see what price? oh is this the Jizya? but like a typical ikhwangee you issues threats then on June 30 you will be hiding under his bed right?

    What a coward

  8. @ all of the above. I'm Egyptian through and through, but I wouldn't want to be governed by the sociopathic bearded lower middle classes, with their cool homicidal charm. They are not the " Little Englanders " , as they dont represent the working classes in egypt; they represent the bigoted lower middle classes,whose dreams of climbing the social ladder have been crushed for the last sixty years. They run away when you ask them if they are reckoning what egyptians think about them. All gong and no dinner; we have met their sorts before . The point about the fanatic lower middle class ' s brotherhood, is that its self identity as regards patriotism ,is composed of elements, handed down by those whose interests are antithetical to those of the working class..worship of bigotry,anxiety regarding "foreigners"..pride over historical islamic militaristic victories fought for reasons that existed 1500 years ago,!
    None of the above,have served to benefit the chronically impoverished masses .Other more inclusive and progressive forms of patriotism built around fairness,diversity and a sense of collective improvement are to be welcomed. You are a ghetto ,and not the nation of egypt . please Start digging your graves. And enough of the talk about the brotherhood not selling their bigotry to the americans at any cost, they are doing that right now.To all of the sicklings above, do you know recognize yourselves?.

  9. Egypt, Ethiopia plan new talks over Nile dam

    Good news, Mursi has to find another diversionary tactic before June 30, to terrify Egyptians in to submission through bogus war with Ethiopia and Syria. Now Ethiopia chose dialogue than machine his rhetoric. Mursi has no choice and may declare war on Israel and even more he might declare the Return of the Jedi from Star War for everyone to stay in doors on June 30.

  10. Please sign this petition to Mohamed Mursi to revoke the appointment of the new Luxor governor from Al-Gama'a Al-Islamiya:

  11. Thats nice Z. You are now getting anonymous threats. MB rule is a shabby travesty of a govenment. By the way, if AKP was the model, see what is happening in Turkey. Islamic Democracy is a very questionable thing. Always will be.

    There is only one kind of democracy, democratic democracy. Not everyone agrees on everything but everyone can voice their opinion or protest without fear and threats.

    1. Egypt doesn't have any democrats, though. The choice is between marxists and islamists, and it seems they prefer islamists. Not really sure why, since neither one has any clue how to get Egyptians enough food to eat, but whatever...

  12. You wrote

    >Islamic Democracy is a very questionable thing. Always will be.


  13. Zeinobia: I'm sure you noticed the threats by what I call the followers of the morally and intellectually bankrupt el-ikhwan wa el-salafiyeen but notice that they run away after posting their and hate and I wonder why!

    And these losers will be exposed for what they are: Fat losers

    1. You and your fat phobia again! Muslim Brotherhood likes to eat, so what? You never mention marxists with their green teeth or anarchists who don't know how to use toiler paper, do you?

    2. You wrote

      >You and your fat phobia again!

      Really? there is such thing as fat-phobia? Obesity is a disease Mr Einstein oh I forgot he was a Jew! So was he a qurd or a khanzeer as per Morsi? He for sure was a very smart qurd aw khanzeer

      But let me see those fat shiokh can buy food and eat lots of it while 40% of Egyptians live on $2/day! is this fair? You tell me

      Now do you get it?

      >Muslim Brotherhood likes to eat, so what?

      They become fat and this is the "so what"!

      But you still did not answer my question would the despicable Abd el-Maged go and fight in Syria? and would he be hiding under his bed on June 30 just like you?

      you are not even original

      >?You never mention marxists with their green teeth

      >Why do you want me to mention them? give me a good reason

      Here is one good reason: You seem to know something that you do not want to share with us and we readers want to know but let me guess you making things up right? Why the delusions?

      But "Green teeth"? Sobhanallah. what is that? You do not make sense most of the time and why is that? Hint: do not assume that we kuffar as we are called by the despicable ikhangiyya understand your drivel

      > or anarchists who don't know how to use toiler paper,

      Really? they do not? So if we ask one of the despicable shiokh el-fada'yat should show them as in show and tell how to use toilet paper? What do you think?

      >do you?

      "do you" what?

  14. Kudos to Hisham Zaazou who put in his resignation as Minister of Tourism after a representative of mass murderers was appointed governor of Luxor. There are still men of honor around in Egypt.


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