Friday, June 21, 2013

Refugees Day 2013 in #Egypt : More Challenges Than ever

The world celebrated yesterday the Refugees Day on June 20th.
I think in Egypt the refugees file is getting heavier and bigger everyday and yet the government and the mainstream media are both ignoring the refugees issues in Egypt.
Baby Nour born in September 2012 in Egypt
We got the Syrian refugees file in Egypt. The last number I have heard from very trusted sources in the UNCHR that we are getting closer to 100,000. We got clusters and communities from Syria in Cairo , Giza, Damietta and Alexandria as well in other areas like in Al Arish as I have known recently. “Small number of families”. The Syrian communities in October city and in New Cairo are like Mini-Syria now with families from all over the sad country. From different areas, different classes and different ethnics as well from different political backgrounds you will find in Egypt. We got new born babies who open their eyes in Cairo and Giza instead of Damascus and Homs.
Some Egyptians began to complain that Syrians began to take their jobs and to cause a hike in the prices of houses in Egypt. It is just sad because actually I know that Syrians are not competing Egyptians over jobs at least two incidents I heard of Syrians refused to take jobs from Egyptians so the Egyptians will not be harmed. Regarding the crazy prices of houses in Egypt , well if it were not for the greedy contractors and brokers Syrians and Egyptians would not suffer from mad prices. Syrian families are suffering from these crazy prices as well. They can not coupe with our prices easily especially in those hard times in Egypt.
By the way I think I hinted out before that the Syrian refugees are going to be harmed from President Morsi’s decision. Well many Syrian activists have raised this point. The Syrian refugees need their embassy to facilitate their documents. By the way if Morsi’s regime is so supportive to Syrians why several Syrian refugees were deported and faced death in Damascus in the past months !?
I must say that when it comes to the Syrian refugees in Egypt , I can not ignore the effort of the Syrian community in Egypt in the past two years in order to make their people comfortable in their second home nor can I ignore the Egyptian activists who are helping the Syrian families as much as they can.
Despite the challenge the UNCHR is facing as well our crazy times in Egypt , I believe things are not that bad thank goodness.
We got the African refugees whether from Sudan or Eretria or South Sudan to Ethiopia. Recently with the Nile crisis the Ethiopian refugees are paying the price unfortunately in Egypt now. The Ethiopian refugees from Oromo People are suffering from mistreatment sadly enough. This is unacceptable.
Of course no one wants to speak for real about what is happening to the African refugees in Sinai. It is another taboo. I do not understand why no one is trying to tackle it from local press. Only foreign media speaks about the agony and the horror the African refugees face in Sinai. We are speaking here about human trafficking.
Moving to the Palestinian refugees , well the Palestinian refugees who came fled Syria need help yet the amazing Morsi’s regime is not helping them despite all the so-called support to Palestinian cause.
By the way here is a short clip I filmed in Fadel Island , Egypt’s biggest gathering for Palestinian refugees in Egypt since 1948 for an old man there describing how they came on camels.
Fadel Island : We came on camels from Palestine.
This is a quick round for this important day in Egypt.

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