Wednesday, June 12, 2013

When Al Akhbar Newspaper Speaks About #Qatar

This is the first edition from Al Akhbar Newspaper issue on Tuesday
Mama Qatar provides Gas to Egypt
 The front page headline in Red is "Mama Qatar provides Gas to Egypt". It is about the decision of Qatar to give Egypt natural gas supply in Summer
The first edition was pulled back from the newsstand in one of the first incident of its own in 2013 when it comes to newspapers and state-owned newspapers in particular in Morsi's first regardless of what you think about the headline. 

 Of course speaking professionally this is a Front page headline that would make Mostafa Amin May Allah bless his soul curse the current editor in chief of Daily Al Akhbar and his journalists. Mostafa Amin got a school of his own when it came to headlines but fine one not a cheap one like that. This is a headline that suites tabloid newspaper not a newspaper with long history like Al Akhbar

Anyhow the second edition was printed and it had a different headline
Below "Qatar gives away gas to Egypt"
 The second edition of the newspaper was "Qatar gives away gas to Egypt" , of course the correct translation of that phrase from Arabic to English would "Qatar gives gas as a present to Egypt".
I believe someone was fired today in Al Akhbar.
I am surprised , truly surprised that Al Akhbar Newspaper published this headline considering the fact that Al Akhbar is state-owned newspaper and currently is headed by Islamist leaning editorial team. There is nothing published on the front page except when it is revised by regime representative.


  1. sounds like a hell of a lot of freedom of speech in Egypt. Inconceivable under Mubarak or at any time in Egypts modern history. Imagine if a headline "mama russia props up Nasser" had been run. Heads would have rolled. There is no doubt much of the media is overtly hostile to the president and the elected shura members. Inconceivable under Mubarak so perhaps Morsi is doing some things right then!

  2. Yes, Qatar is what you should refer to in your post (and, generally, your daily life as well) as a 'regime'.

    Beside killing Egyptians, Libyans, and Syrians Qatar has contributed to the disorderly status quo of the Arabian region, and wilted the nat-gas (Natural-Gas) resources of such were-promising exporters like Libya (a country with what was regarded as the largest nat-gas reservoir in the world), and now Egypt, by giving them/you 'exported-on-purpose' nat-gas to control the world market price.

    It is a dirty game. You won't know much about it, unless you begin to shed this sheath-like vallum on your eyes as a reformist, apologist Egyptian middle-aged woman (if not the head cover as most women are now doing it). But, really, and with a dash of honesty here... Who cares?

    Nobody does.
    Enjoy 'Mama's best breast milk.


  3. Is it true that in the famous live on TV threatening of Ethiopia that an Egyptian cabinet minister was discussing with Morsi Egypt's plans for war with America?

    Egyptians are stupid people. You deserve what you're going to get.

    1. Haha. With English subtitles. Go to 4:50.

      "I'm very fond of battles. With the enemies, of course - with America and Israel..."

      See the whole thing. It's HILARIOUS.


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