Friday, July 19, 2013

#10Ramadan : The Usual Friday in #Egypt

Today is the 10th Ramadan of anniversary aka the the anniversary of the 1973 war. 
Of course this year we are celebrating in very different way. We do not remember the war heroes or learn from the lesson of that war or the six days war or the attrition war. No we are celebrating it in the usual Egyptian standard way of spending Friday in Cairo : Mass protests.
Oh yes today we have two counter protests or mass protests. The Muslim brotherhood is organizing a mass protest against the coup while Tamaroud "Rebellion movement" is organizing mass protest against terrorism. Of course Tamaroud is referring to the terrorism of the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt. Both protests are supposedly kicked off after prayer. The Muslim brotherhood will have alone 18 rallies today in Cairo and Giza besides other governroates in Upper Egypt and Delta as well in North Sinia.
We expect to see violence once again in Egypt today.
Here is a storify story for the day which I hope it would end peacefully.

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  1. shame it would have been a laugh watching baradei do Juma


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