Monday, July 15, 2013

3 Dead and Dozens Injured in Another Terrorist Attack In #Sinai “graphic”

It has become a daily routine in Sinai to read that security checkpoints and army patrols are being attacked. It is not a shock anymore to read that someone is killed there from security forces. It also had become a norm to read that Christians in North Sinai not only are being attacked but also to be kidnapped and beheaded.

Today we woke up on horrible terrorist act where a bus carrying workers in Al Arish was targeted by RPG missile. According to the Egyptian armed forces spokesperson the unknown terrorists hit the bus by mistake as their main target was a police patrol. 3 workers were killed and more than 16 have been injured. Yes 3 were killed and not 20 as it had been spread like fire.

Dear friend Mohamed Sabry tweeted from there and covered the attack. Here is a Storify report from there. You can read it after the break.

By the way the MB media is circulating a video for one of the survivors claiming that the bus was hit by shelled by an air jet. Well if it were an air strike ,the survivors would have survived nor would the bus

Who is running the show in Sinai ?? No one has claimed responsibility so far directly.

Nevertheless the Muslim brotherhood is the primary suspect especially you got what El Beltagy had said earlier last week.

ElBeltagy on 7 July About Sinai and Morsi.

This video is like a proof in any court that what is happening in Sinai is connected directly to Morsi and his supporters.

Of course the MB is now trying to distance itself now from these accusations. Today we find Essam El Arian speaking about the terrible terrorist act accusing intelligence indirectly of standing behind it to defame the peaceful protesting.

There are no news on the progress of the current security campaign against those terrorists ,what we read most of the time is that the army managed to destroy more tunnels between us and Gaza. We need to know more about those terrorists and who they are. Yes we need to know the truth to put an end to all the lies and fears spread.


  1. This is anything new? It's been like this in Syria for 3 years now.

  2. The MB is sympathizing with those terrorists. it is about time to purge Egypt once and for all!


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