Thursday, July 4, 2013

#Egypt : It is New Era

Yes it is a new era as well a new restart actually. Today the head of Constitutional court Adly Mansour will swear in as interim president. He is the 8th President since 23 July coup and the second interim president Sufi Abu Taleb. We are on 12 February 2011.
I think we will need another storify Live Blog to keep with all the updates from all over the country


  1. I'd like to hear your views on arresting MB figures, and taking their channels off-air.

    This is not good, they are part of Egypt. Regardless if they squandered their opportunity to reconcile.

  2. Zeinobia: I was not happy to see the likes of the despicable TV channel al-Nas being taken off the air after all I would rather know what these creeps are talking about than not know

    However I would like to see the Saudi owner of the channel the despicable Mansour Bin Kadsa being taken to court and yes the anti-Shia nonsense started at the "Support Syria rally" but it was re-enforced and justified on al-Nas and these innocent four shi3as that were killed deserve justice and respect in a new Egypt that belongs to all

  3. Zeinobia: Shaimaa Khalil who works for the British Bullshit Corporation also known as the BBC she has no credibility because the word Islamiya means Islamic it does not mean Islamic revolution as she claims because Islamic revolution means el-thawra el-islamiyya right Shiamaa the fake?

    What a disgrace

    But more damaging to this horrible woman is just a few days before the massacre of the four Shi3a she had a sugar coated interview between of all people a Pakistani Shi3a woman and her Sunni husband also from Pakistan and the two live not in Pakistan (where shi3a are being killed by Sunnis) but in England! And poor she Shiamaa the fake was beyond her comfort (oh I,m shocked!) zone for dealing with astaghfirullah a Shi3a but boys and girls all is OK and Shi3a Muslims are loved by Sunnis!!

    But where was she when these four innocent shi3a victims were killed in Egypt and would she interview the creeps at al-Nas TV about inciting for such crime? Well I guess this is beyond her comfort zone right Shiamaa?

    She is a fake

    1. My dear anonymous
      Shaimaa is not a fake , she is my friend and I know her work very well. Unfortunately when the Islamists chant Islamist in their protests they refer to the Islamic revolution.

    2. Zeinobia: Let me start by saying that your blog is miles ahead of this woman Shaimaa and this is no BS

      >My dear anonymous
      Shaimaa is not a fake ,

      You need to look up what the word fake means and a fake is he/she who tricks and deceives

      > she is my friend

      And i can be her friend too and we can even have tea and gateaux but would she befriend a Shi3a or is this beyond her comfort zone as she said while reporting on the British Bullshit Corporation or even worse would she befriend a kafir wa 3ilmanee like me? what do you think?

      >and I know her work very well.

      And I know her work very well and I have no respect for her because her reporting is fluff and poor oh and fake

      You are miles ahead of her and I call her el-muhagabba in residence at the Britsh Bullshit Corporation!

      And let me tell you again your blog is miles ahead of her

      >Unfortunately when the Islamists chant Islamist in their protests they refer to the Islamic revolution.

      This is true but do her readers know that? If she would have written that "Islamiya read it as Islamic revolution" then you will be correct but she did not and then she claims that people were shouting "Islamiyya islamiyya inha thwara islamiyya" at least this would be the translation of her tweet right? I would like to hear it from her source the people at Rab3a el-3Adawiyya and did she provide a link? The answer is no then she did not do her home work! Now do you get it?

      In journalism 101 you learn the famous axiom that never assume anything but the real question is how did she make it to the British Bullshit Corporation? I wonder

      But most damaging to her case is that she knows that the folks at the BBC watch and review what she says and in today's BBC news she tells us that they are saying Islamiyya islamiyya or Islamic Islamic! Nothing about Islamic revolution or Islamiyya means Islamic revolution

      Do you know why she is a fake!

  4. What happened to all the scraggly-bearded Ikhwan? They used to fill this blog with their triumphalist, taunting, anti-secular comments. Suddenly they have fallen silent. What's the problem, little dears? Cat got your tongues? ROTFLMAO

    1. They all moved to Wahhabi land and left the kuffar and el-3ilmanyeen behind

  5. a good start to a new era, arresting elected representatives, shutting down any tv stations and newspapers with opposing views. Installing unelected elements of the old regime back into the judiciary. Governing by army edict and selecting and grooming Baradei someone few Egyptians outside Cairo really know who has never been par of any democratic process or election in Egypt but is liked by the army and the West. Hmm Glad those evil (democratically elected )islamists aren't in power.

  6. meet the new era, same as the old era. Welcome to the armys liberal democracy replete with assassinations to intimidate any opposition protests

  7. They went to Syria to become Wahhabbi Road Kill. Food For Syrian Arab Army.


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