Wednesday, July 31, 2013

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2013 : The Tale of Prince Amar El Din and King Zanzibar-19,20&21

Here are another collection of episodes , I am trying to catch with the Ramadan nights. First you should refresh your memory and remember what happened last night. We stopped at new character Dervish Kashmir. The Dervish is telling his tale to prince Amar El Din while waiting death in that hut in the middle of the tears road.
Yes we are having a tale inside a tale.
Second here are episodes 19, 20 and 21.

Episode 19 :

Episode 20 :

Episode 21 :

Synposis :

The story of Dervish Kashmir started when his father , a wealthy merchant in a big kingdom died. He and his mother found out that there are people who owed to his dad large sum of money including an old merchant. They got bills to prove this. Kashmir went to an old wicked merchant who deceived him and took the bills from him. Young Kashmir lost his mind and knocked him off. For his bad luck , the old man died. Kashmir found himself accused of murder.
Kashmir is now facing death sentence but his mother managed to make him escape from jail and from the kingdom itself. Kashmir’s mother tells his son how she did. Already she asked pardon and claimed her son’s innocence from the judge , the prince and the Sultan. The three men blackmailed her and wanted sexual favors , oh yes. Thus the smart lady decided to teach a lesson those bastards.
She told each of them to come alone to her house at 7 PM starting with the judge then the prince then the sultan. She had specific closets made for them.When each man comes , she tells him to take off his cloth then the door knocks “it will be the next victim”.
Yes she tricked them and each man entered the closet where she locked them and escaped to save her son. Of course the men screamed exposing their scandal and their identity.
A bounty hunter follows Kashmir and his mother by the orders of the angry sultan. The bounty hunter killed Kashmir’s mom. The grieving young man gives the bounty hunter his gold in order to leave him

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