Sunday, August 25, 2013

The language of Numbers : The Bloody Wednesday and What followed it

In 6 days only from 1666 Egyptians have been killed. Oh yes in one week 1666 Egyptians were killed including 1311 in one day alone ; Bloody August 14 !!

Wiki Thawra , the amazing website did a great work and gather all the details of those killed, injured, detained and are missing.

According to Wiki Thawra detailed Spreadsheet of the fatalities “Ar” :

  • 1666 Egyptians were killed from 14 to 22 August 2013 across the country including civilians, police and military.
  • 1311 were killed on 14 August alone.
  • 869 civilians were killed in Rabaa sit in dispersal alone. “The number is not final”
  • 42 policemen were killed on 14 August including 7 policemen were killed in Rabaa sit in.
  • 6 journalists were killed on that day.

This is far more than those who were killed on Friday of wrath on 28 January 2011. This spreadsheet is the most updated list of the victims.

For the record also according to the minister of interior himself 10 automatic rifles and 29 air rifles were found in Rabaa sit in. “They did not find the chemical weapons Al Akhbar newspaper was speaking about”

Anyhow Wiki Thawra is a website that documents the Egyptian revolution of 25 January up till now or as it describes itself on Facebook “Statistical Database of the Egyptian Revolution”. This amazing work is made by a group of dedicated true revolutionaries and human rights activists who spent day and night in morgues and prosecution offices as well police stations to get the dead , injured and detainees as well the missing’s full details.

It is worth to mention that the human rights activists and organizations are being attacked now day and night in the Egyptian mainstream as well social media now. Those human rights activists were the ones who exposed the human rights crimes committed during Morsi’s rule as SCAF’s rule.

Of course not all the human rights organizations are bad , you got Ibn Khaldun center of Dr. Saad El Din Ibrahim that believed the dispersal of the Rabaa Sit in was in accordance of the international standards of dispersing sits in !!!

Police officers say that this number is so low considering that they did not use excessive force !!  what if they had used excessive force , how many people had been killed then!!?

Up till now media and public care less for the majority of the victims especially from Rabaa square because they are Muslim brotherhood members and supporters who are rotting in hell from their point of view. If you dare and speak about human rights , even the human rights of enemy POWs as mentioned in Islam you will be attacked.

“They are terrorists not enemy POWs!!” , “Look how the United States treat terrorists and then come and preach us about human rights” are the most spread common answers I have been hearing for days.

Yes our people thanks to the media believe that they should do what is wrong because the US is doing it !! I do not care what the States or Europe is doing or how they fight terrorism ; hell they invade other countries and kill millions of innocent people for the sake of that stupid fake war. I do not care how the Muslim brotherhood or Islamists think and how they do not respect other people’s rights, all what I care for now is that I do not want to turn in to a monster while I fight monsters.

It is not idealism , it is the truth. We are turning in to monsters.

Those 1666 are all Egyptians whether they are Islamists or military , they are Egyptians and above all they are all humans. BY the way I know that their rights are going to be lost as usual and I doubt if we are going to have any justice soon. My only belief now is in divine justice.


  1. What is the official death toll from the government (responsibility of announcing number were moved from Ministry of Health to Cabinet)

    1. The coup-government ordered ministry of health to stop announcing number of casualties; As if they will hide it!

      They have the 1960's mindset when there was only state-media!

  2. How can anybody call the number of 869 dead people a "low number"???
    Anybody who reads those numbers and doesn't hang his head low has already lost some of his humanity. And whoever said, 869 was a "low number" is close to turning into a monster...

  3. On a side note. I am often looking at the picture of Khalid Said in the upper right column of your website - and I am wondering about the severity of memory disorders Egyptians are suffering from.
    Monsters are not hunted by memories. I forgot.

  4. Although there is much to be discouraged about, opportunity still exists. What is going on in Tunisia is an example of what Egypt can still try to achieve. The biggest differences are the less compromising, more hard-line attitudes and the power of entrenched interests which want to stop progress.

    The anti-democratic forces hope people will give up and despair of any advancement. Do not give them what they desire. Maintain and keep alive the flame of the ideals of the revolution.

  5. You are proof that Egypt is not lost Zeinobia. The Egyptian Revolution is the front line of all our struggles. This is one world now.

  6. Zenobia, you once asked on twitter where are the kids of MB Leader?, now many of them dead in the dispersal just like you wished...congratulations, you must be ecstatic with their killing. And don't give us claptrap that you are against MB and Sisi. You and your folks, Egyptian pseudo-liberal are condemned forever. Don't write anymore again about humanity, Arab or Middle East.

    1. We have a saying in English. To "hang together" is to unite. To hang is to have a rope round your neck. The saying is this....."Hang together, or hang separately." Think about it.

  7. I don't know how some people accepted that offensive dispersal even by this way. This is shame. That bloody Wednesday witnessed the most mass killing in Egyptian modern history.

  8. The link will take you to a speech by a prominent American Maoist political economist on the situation in Egypt. Even if you are not a Maoist or anti-capitalist of any type, may I respectfully suggest you download and listen to his talk. I believe that he has it precisely right.


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