Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Another Sad Tragedy in a series of tragedies

From the boat
I am sorry but I can not find any other suitable title to describe what the Syrian refugees suffer from in Egypt now.The Syrian refugees are now trying to flee Egypt even it is going to cost them not only their lives but also their freedom. It is sad as Egypt was among the safe places for them. 
Today another group of Syrian and Palestinian refugees were arrested during a fail attempt to emigrate illegally from Egypt to Italy in one of a ship from Alexandria. It is not the first but today things went from bad to worse. The coastal guards opened their fire on one of those illegal emigration killing two of the refugees “30 years old and 50 years old” in the boat and injuring other refugees including a lady.
The rest of the refugees “about 100” were detained in inhuman conditions at the Monatzah 2nd police station. By the way another group of refugees “about 70” were arrested also today while they were at one of the cafes near the port.
I know what those refugees do from legal perspective totally illegal , totally wrong. They did a huge mistake and they will be deported eventually but instead of Italy, they will have other choices like Turkey, Jordan or even Syria.
I know they did a huge mistake against law , still my dear follow Egyptians we have been committing sins since last July against those Syrian guests who found in Egypt  some safety heaven they did not find in any other place. These people were trying to escape from our country even if it would cost their lives for God sake !!
Since July 2013 and most of the Syrian refugees are being punished as a price for what the Muslim brotherhood did and for all the rumors on how Hamas and Syrians are helping the Muslim brotherhood. They have been the price for what the MB had done from using their independence flags and their songs in Raba’a sit in.
They have been paying the price for the media incitement against them.Thanks to the media and its current icons from racists like Youssef El Hossainy “on ONTV , a channel that once supported the Syrian revolution” and Tawfik Okasha.
Even Egyptian politicians participated in this shameful campaign like Mostafa El Gendy , the leading member of The Constitution Party who called to people to kill Syrians and Palestinians on the spot at the popular Checkpoints !! El Gendy is the head of the Public diplomacy delegation in Nile Basin countries by the way.
Syrians and Palestinians have been arrested in checkpoints in Egypt and some of them are still deported despite having a residency permit and refugee cards.In July and August Some Syrian families were afraid to go to the streets. Kids were attacked, Syrian restaurants and workshops in October and Damietta were attacked as well. It was like hell.
Now some Syrians fear to speak in their accent in the street to avoid harassments.
Syrian activist Rami Jarrah made this video showing how even Syrian kids are harassed in Egypt by other Egyptian kids who refuse to play with because they are Syrians. One of those kids , Mahmoud is among the Syrians who are currently detained in the police station with his family. They were among the families arrested in today’s boat incident.
Syrians Facing Harassment in Egypt
Media whether TV or press or online websites spread rumors and false claims about Syrians to millions of Egyptians changing the way how the look to Syrians , this should be changed immediately. Unfortunately there is no sane voice in Egypt media except very few voices in press like Belal Fadl ,who is being attacked day and night thanks for the Neo-McCarthyism in Egypt.
Reem Magued and Yosri Fouda are in a leave now and we do not know when they will come back.
I believe that the Egyptians will stop that blind hate and collective punishment when they see something different like for instance the crimes committed against Syrians “legal refugees” in Egypt documented at the UNHCR. Very sad stories that kill me.Those people did not flee war to be treated like that while they used to treat Egyptians generously in Syria in the past.
I do not understand at all how the media is claiming that Egypt stands with Syria because we were one in the past while it spreads hate towards the Syrians in Egypt at the same time !!
Rami Jarrah, the famous Alexander Page launched a petition to stop racism against Syrians.
There is also new campaign on the Facebook aimed to show solidarity with the Syrian refugees.
I am truly sorry and ashamed for what is happening to our Syrian brothers and sisters in Egypt nowadays.
I am extremely angry too and feel hopeless. I am angry because those people who came to avoid death in their country are now paying the price for the shit we made by our hands.


  1. When the tide turns against this hate, most likely the media elements, politicians, and state terrorists who fomented the hatred will blame other people for their own actions. They like project their own activities onto those that they kill.

    Of course, the Interior Minister has a lenghty history of hatred of immigrants and refugees. The sooner he is fired, the better. Even better if he is eventually tried for his crimes.

  2. Only, few words, I am ashamed to be an Egyptian.

  3. xenophobia , racism , Egyptian people are victims of Nassirism and Arab nationalism ....thanks to hell of power of attorney for the new fake Nasser .

  4. sad to find out about this,seems like eygpt is the 3rd Reich now,and Italy shooting @ the boats-wow wtf.It really feels like all countries don't want anyone from other countries-like they don't want anyone going anywhere-or its rules make it even harder.Plus the Syrian situation is one big fubar with the people stuck in the middle,suffer in or outside syria-catch22.thanks

  5. This article should not come as a surprise because similar incidences occurred against Jews, Italians,Greeks,English,French, Palestinians who had lived in Egypt for generations and were arrested, robbed of their wealth/properties and kicked out.

  6. I don't think "McCarthyism" means what you think it means. It will be a thousand years before Egypt has an advanced enough society to host a movement like McCarthyism.

    By the way, see that "Syria's Golan Heights, 40 years under illegal Israeli occupation" banner on your side bar? I wonder if those Syrian refugees your posting about would rather be there, than in Egypt?

  7. From this comment, I would like to Thanks Morsi for his support to the Syrian revolution and the refugees!
    In his short year, he allowed them to enter schools for free, enter hospitals for free, enter the country without state-security checks, ...

    It is normal for Egyptian media to invite more enemies to feed the hatred fire!

  8. Yousf (sic) the enabler of the terrorist group el-ikhwan el-mugrimeen wrote

    >From this comment, I would like to Thanks Morsi for his support to the Syrian revolution

    You mean the terrorists and members of the terrorist al-Qa3ida? and you want to support a terrorist group where one member murdered a human being, opened his chest and cut his heart out and took a bite from it? These are the terrorists that the criminal Morsi was supporting right?

    >and the refugees!

    Again charity starts at home now you tell me how about the Coptic refugees from the town of Delga in el-Minyya that had to leave their homes because of being terrorized by the terrorist Assem abd el-Maged and his criminal followers now you tell me

    And yes I think what happened to these poor Syrian refugees is not accepted. But the truth is these refugees do not want to be in Egypt. Most of them had enough of political Islam and do not want to have anything to do with it. They want to live in Europe now do you get it or are you that clueless as usual?

    >In his short year, he allowed them to enter schools for free, enter hospitals for free, enter the country without state-security checks, ...

    Hello: nothing is for free it is paid ya ayuha al-3abqari al-kabeer by the people of Egypt and not by the criminal Morsi whose salary was 300,000 pounds per month. So how much do you make ya Youssef you tell me

    40% of Egyptians make $2 per day! You see charity starts at home

    >It is normal for Egyptian media to invite more enemies to feed the hatred fire!

    And it is normal for the criminal organization called el-ikhwan el-mugrimeen to set Egypt on fire as they did

    I pity your likes


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