Thursday, September 19, 2013

#NU : Talk to me about the State of law

Next week study will start in all Egyptian universities except one university : Nile University.
Yes Nile University whose students fought for two years to restore their university and yet they could not to get back whether during SCAF’s rule or during Morsi administration.
Nile University already got two court rulings last April 2013 from the High administrative court to reallocate the land and buildings allocated to Zowail City of science and technology to NU and to consider NU as National university.
Needless to say this court rule to reallocate the land and the building to NU was totally ignored and instead ousted President Morsi issued a decree with a law to found the Zowail city. Again the State continued to defy the court ruling like in the days of Mubarak.
Now Morsi and his administration are gone , things have not changed so much. NU has not restored its land or its buildings.
Minister of higher education Hossam Eissa promised to solve the problem of Nile University and said that he respected the court ruling giving back the buildings and land to the NU. He presented suggestions but Zowail and his university totally refused.
Anyhow earlier this week we found out that the CSF and army are protecting and guarding the Zowail city of science in first day of school standing against the NU students and their families who came to protest how court ruling are being defied. 
Army unit protect ZCS "Eslam Farouk"

Already I do not understand why Dr. Zowail is insisting on his position. Ironically his spokesperson offered couple of millions of pounds to NU as a compensation. Well instead of giving the NU those millions, they could invest those millions on new buildings and Egypt will have two universities like NU and ZCS instead of one.
Of course Zowail got his own lobbyists now in the current government starting with none other than Ahmed El Muslimani , the interim president’s media advisor. After all El Muslimani believes that Israel was trying to foil Zowail’s project through NU !!
The story of NU describes how state of  law is actually an optional thing for the regime to use it whenever it likes for its reasons.
The students continued their sit in at NU 'Nancy Fanos"
The Nile University sit in is still on despite all the army and CSF units. Those students will not give up their rights that will return one day. 

TO NU students : Please do not give up rights and fight till the end, you are an inspiration to all of us.
Update : Hossam Eissa promised to issue a decision regarding the NU tomorrow. We will wait and see.

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  1. I read this about Egypt. Were you aware of this and what do you think of it please ?

    «William B. Quandt, who served on the National Security Council during the 1970s and the Camp David Accords, the apex of U.S.-Egyptian relations, said he believes U.S. influence in the region has been fading for at least 20 years, beginning with the end of the first Gulf War and the 1991 Madrid conference, which failed to bring about major changes in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. U.S. relations fell again in 2000 when then-President Bill Clinton failed to seal a deal between the Israelis and Palestinians, sparking a Palestinian uprising. Two years later, the United States prepared to enter Iraq. While U.S. intervention in Libya in the form of airstrikes was once celebrated, the region blames the United States for the instability that has defined the period since the fall of former Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi.

    »The latest [Egypt’s] move toward Russia is one of many new alliances emerging in a rapidly evolving post-Arab Spring Middle East, Quandt said. That move is based on immediate interests, and can seem perplexing. Iraq’s two best allies, for example, are the United States and Iran. In Syria, the two biggest opponents of an expanding al Qaida influence are the United States and Assad – who two years ago President Barack Obama said “must go.” For an Egypt looking to assert its independence from the United States, find new economic partners and establish itself again as a key player in the region, aligning itself with Russia now makes sense. “There is no ideological lineup,” Quandt said. “You are going to see some very odd, very odd alignments in the next few years.”»


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