Friday, September 27, 2013

#Sudan_Revolts : It is Martyrs Friday “Graphic”

It is Friday and people started to protest against El Bashir regime while facing his security forces and their weapons bravely as usual. This is the fourth day the Sudanese head to the street protesting not only now against the lift of subsidies but against the massacre that took place in the country.

There are lots of development going on in Sudan and I am afraid our sources of updates on the ground are Netizens.Luckily for us the internet has not been cut yet by the government. Some sources say that some foreign “Mainly Western” embassies expressed their concern on how the internet was cut from two ago. Ironically and sadly enough the government officials are claiming that the protesters were the ones who sabotaged the internet lines in the country !!

Here is a photo gallery for the protests

The Sheikhs and preachers in the mosques in Sudan today spoke about the bad saboteurs and their bad protests. In some areas especially in Omdurman the mosques have been closed. The shops and markets are closed once again. The protests are now in Omdurman , White Nile , Al Jazeera and Khartoum as well North Kordofan. Here is a UShahadi map with the protests in Sudan.

Now there are reports coming from Omdurman and other major cities that security forces are using live ammunition and tear gas grenades. There are martyrs falling down by hour.

Nevertheless the protests are not stopping. Some of the chants the protesters are saying “People wants to topple the regime” , “Freedom , Freedom” down with the military rule”. Nile river unity rocks.

Sudan : Freedom , Freedom and The people want to topple the regime.

Here is a video showing the security forces firing at protesters.

Sudan : Firing at protesters

A video for the protests

Sudan : More protests
Sudan : Opening fire on the protesters

Another graphic video showing one of the protesters after being shot in the protests.

The Sudanese regime detained the Al Arabiya TV channel reporter there for a while then released him and closed its office there. Sheikh Youssef Qaradawy sent a message to El Bashir reminding him that he is an Islamist and he should not do what the regimes in Syria and Egypt !! Ironically the renowned Sheikh forgot the war crimes committed by that Islamist president against humans including Muslims in Darfur !!

Anonymous has hacked the Youth ministry website. The UN issued a statement condemning the killing of the protesters.

Again Sudan is cursed by the worst type religious backed up military regime. It will take some time to topple it. This is another step towards removing this rotten corrupted regime.

I believe that Sudan has not seen protests like this from very long time.

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