Thursday, September 26, 2013

#SudanRevolts : Returning Back online , Returning Back to Streets #Abena

From two hours ago the internet is back to Sudan and with it news are pouring from there and they are not good. It seems that yesterday was a night of hell.

According to the photos , videos and testimonies of eye witnesses online Omdurman has witnessed a massacre. Officially the government is saying that 27 only were killed while activists and opposition movements say that over 130 protesters including women and children have been killed in the past 48 hours. Hundreds are transferred to hospitals every hour as far I could tell from the tweets and updates I read on Facebook. The director of Omdurman hospital was arrested after speaking to the media.

The tragedies continue and activists are reporting that the Omdurman morgue refuses to let the families to bury their relatives except when they sign papers that those relatives are thugs and criminals. In fact it is much worse to know that there are racism in it , light Skin Sudanese protesters are considered thieves while the dark skin Sudanese protesters are considered murderers in the eyes of the bloody El Bashir regime. 

The photos from Omdurman hospital gives you the impression that there was an actually massacre going on in the city. “Warning : Extremely graphic”

It was like a déjà vu of January 28 ,2011 in Egypt where the regime’s forces and security thugs unleashed a night of horror that ended at about 5 AM. Tweeps are reporting that protesters arrested security agents wearing civilian cloths trying to break an ATM. The people there are also saying that those security agents aka thugs go and set fires at the fuel stations.

For the third day in row protests continue not only in the cities Khartoum and Omdurman but in other areas as well including North Kordofan , Al Jazeera and Port Sudan. The protests are still going despite the crackdown. People are extremely angry. They are holding night protests.

Shops and markets are closed . The streets are deserted in some areas in Khartoum. Some areas there reportedly suffer from bread shortage. In some cities angry protesters have blocked the roads.

It is serious as it seems El Bashir cancelled his visit to the UNGA , some say that he is afraid from the warrant on his head but personally I believe it is not only the warrant. He is afraid of further developments in Sudan as well.

Interestingly the Sudanese minister of defense interrupted his visit to Jeddah and returned back to Khartoum earlier today. I do not know if he is going to pull a Sisi move considering that he was visiting the Kingdom that is vowing to bring the Muslim brotherhood everywhere or what.

I will not speak much because now we got material coming from Sudan after a crazy night.

Here is a footage taken from TV channel “I do no know which one” showing the security forces using live ammunition.

Sudan : Security forces shooting protesters.

Here is another video showing the protests in Omdurman yesterday.

Protests in Omdurman yesterday.

Here is another graphic video showing a protester shot down.

Tomorrow the Sudanese are planning for big protests. You know our Fridays in the Arab world as you know. There are strong rumors that the Sudanese regime is going to cut off the internet in the country for the upcoming 48 hours.

Protests are planned right after the Friday prayers. I see now online statements from political groups with demands like completely accountability for those responsible of the killing of the protesters and lowering the prices of the commodities. I have not seen the famous demand of forcing the president to step down.

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