Sunday, November 24, 2013

And the Anti-Protest Law is issued !!

And Egyptian interim president Adly Mansour has issued the infamous Protest law today. Here is what I originally wrote about that protest law last month.
Amazingly I remember that deputy PM Ziad Bahaa El Din hinted out last month after his meeting with political parties that the law would be discussed in the new elected parliament but it turned to be an empty promise unfortunately. The Conservative/Deep State/Pro-Military/Pro-Police branch won after all.
Now here is an English preview for the law from Ahram Online. Also here is a collection of tweets from HRW Egypt director Heba Morayef about the law in English after the break.
Here is the original text in Arabic.
Anyhow revolutionaries are not stopped by this law , actually they are breaking it next Tuesday as . The final voting on the draft constitution will be allegedly on Tuesday.
revolutionary groups are organized a protest against the military trials for civilians in the constitution in front of the Shura Council where the Constitution Committee holds its sessions
BY the way for those who are supporting the Protest law and say that we should learn from civilized democratic countries that got a law to organize protesting and so on , well I tell them one thing : Give us the same freedom , the same democracy , the same accountability and the same respect of human rights before speaking about law that actually is against the right of protests.
Now here is the video of the day. A former Police general tells the police force to activate the law even ‘by the shoe’ aka ‘hit the protesters by shoes’ and TV host Dina Abdel Rahman reminds him that this “shoe” talk is the one that made as backward nation !!
By the shoe !!


  1. This law's defenders are implicitly arguing that the Tamarod movement was illegitimate, illegal, and unjustified. The "logic" underlying this law would imply that taking to the streets to oppose Morsi was the wrong thing to do. There were building torching, clashes, and bombs placed in political hqs back then. Obviously, this unelected government doesn't have a clue as to what it is doing and is really very similar to its recent predecessors. Where is this supposedly great change that it would usher in?

  2. Well, after every action from the coup-government, I rest assured that morsi was PRETTY wrong that he didn't use police, military or even militants to disperse the 30june protesters!!


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