Monday, November 11, 2013

Crucify Abdel Zaher and Abu Terika "Updated"

Welcome to the land of non Stopped Drama. Yesterday Ahly SC scored the Africa’s Champions league , everybody was happy and overjoyed to the level that most people forgot the fact the two footballers that gave us that precious win were actually Pro-Islamist Pro-MB.
Some of them did not give a damn for what Ahmed Abdel Zaher did the R4bia sign after scoring the second Ahly Goal and even claimed that he was not referring to Rabaa but rather to the 4 goals he scored in the championship. ‘It turned out that he scored only 3 goals” 
Oh yes Abdel Zaher joined that list of athletes doing the Rabaa sign.
Abdel Zaher doing the 4 fingers thing
Abdel Zaher said after the game that he did the R4bia sign to pay respect to the martyrs whether from the Muslim brotherhood or from the police. The young man was a brave enough to admit it. Soon enough a photo circulated online showing the young player visiting the Rabaa sit in before its disastrous dispersal.

Of course some people including me wondered after Abdel Zaher’s goal what would happen to him and whether he will join the Kong Fu players in the blacklist or not. I believed that he would get away with it.
And man I was wrong as he is being crucified right now. The drama started after the end of the game the minister of sports Taher Abu Zeid refused to salute him.Later Abu Zeid downplayed what happened because in the end his club won the championship.

Last night Sports TV hosts “Mostly ignorant Pro regime regardless of who heads the country” were attacking him. Ahmed Shobeir , the famous sports TV host and former NDP member described Abdel Zaher as “Half intellectual” !! Oh yes “Half intellectual”
Today We found out that the Ahly SC administration decided to suspend Abdel Zaher from playing in Morocco referring him to investigation. Rumors already circulating that he won't continue in Ahly club next winter. Updated on 12/11/2013 : Ok it is official Ahly SC decided not only to suspend Abdel Zaher from playing but they put him up for sale. This is too much.
The Olympic committee is speaking about suspending him from playing football professionally for the rest of his life because of the Rabaa sign !!
Abdel Zaher scored a goal and we were qualified to participate in the Clubs’ World Championship for God sake !!!
Abdel Zaher is on the verge of being crucified for real.
Even Mohamed Abu Tarika did not survive that campaign. I do not know if it is true or not but some say that Abu Tarika refused to salute the minister of Sports because he represented “a coup government”. You can imagine how some react after reading this online.
Some Pro-military/Pro-Mubarak supporters  have started their campaign already against none other than Abu Tarika claiming that he is a hypocrite who used to be honored by Alaa and Gamal Mubarak and yet refused to salute the minister of sports Abu Zeid. Fat Mido aka Ahmed Hossam is attacking Abu Terika on twitter claiming that he was still receiving orders from the MB guide "He is currently detained" and that the renowned player should be punished for refusing to receive the medal. Pathetic Mido is jealous.
The conspiracy theorists now are claiming that Al Ahly SC is being infiltrated with MB as its players are pro-Islamists and its Ultras groups are funded by Khairat El Shater !!
Well I do not care what Abu Tarika does or did because actually after making our sad people happy for all those years nothing else counts. All what I know that Abu Tarika took the people's side after Port Said's massacre and he remembered the 72 boys last night.
Anyhow those people are considered true minority because let’s admit the majority of Egyptian people love Abu Tarika to the level that he can be a serious rival to El Sisi over popularity. “Actually he can beat the general after all the people love him whether revolutionaries or Islamists or Pro-Mubarak/Pro-military" 
Why do people fear a sign !? Do they think that fighting ideas like that the Muslim brotherhood and Islamists in general will vanish !? You will not fight extremism in this way
It is getting sillier more and more.
For God sake last night was from the rare moments that Egyptians overcame their political differences.
Back to football I believe that Ahly Club will lose in Morocco. 


  1. Democracy means freedom of speech and freedom of expression. The government should respect that and the public at large should do so as well. In fact, that they don't is an indication that we are not moving towards more democracy rather than backwards to a corrupt "Wasta-Republic" Mubarak style. This is certainly better than a religious republic MB style, however, we should be able to do better.


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