Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dear Kung Fu Federation , Show some respect to your players

The drama of the Kung Fu players and their Federation regarding the Rabaa sign has not stopped and it seems that it will continue for a while.
You probably know that this drama started from two weeks ago when the Egyptian Wushu Kung Fu “EWKF” Federation  decided to suspend Egypt’s Kung Fu Champion Mohamed Youssef for wearing a Yellow Rabaa aka R4BIA Shirt and doing the Rabaa sign While receiving the gold medal in some international tournament. Youssef then said that he was only commemorating his friends and neighbors that were killed in Rabaa massacre.
Youssef and his yellow T-Shirt

Now today we found out today that another Kung Fu Silver Medalist in another tournament followed Youssef’s steps. Kung Fu champion Hashem Abdel Hamid earned the Silver medal in the Kung Fu’s world cup held in Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia. Not wearing the R4BIA Yellow Shirt this time , Abdel Hamid did the 4 fingers R4BIA sign only in one of the photos. “Abdel Hamid turned to be among those who stormed the Israeli embassy from two years ago”
Abdel Hamid
What would the EWKF federation do ?? Well its president justified what happened in a statement to Al Masry Al Youm as follows :

 The Kung Fu federation is a poor one , most of our players are from the middle and poor class , the thing which makes them an easy prey to the Muslim brother !!
This is the most disgusting classist statement I have read from a long time !? So now those champions that score medals and world championships are poor-middle class naïve who will fall for anyone like the Muslim brotherhood
It seems that the President of the Federation does not respect his players !!Even if they are poor and they are supporting the MB , there should be some respect for God sake !!
Of course this was a big slap to both the EWKF federation and the minister of sports Taher Abu Zeid.
As if it were karma , after that disgusting classist statement of EWKF Federation , minister of state for sports Taher Abu Zeid announced that he was thinking of disbanding the Federation because “It was infiltrated by Muslim brotherhood” !!!
Now there is a war of words between the EWKF federation and the minister.
Amazingly minister of sports Taher Abu Zeid once said before our historical defeat in Ghana that our victory there would be another political triumph !!!  I think this is a mix between politics and Sports and I think that the former footballer should rethink his decisions as well his statements.
Personally I believe that politics and sports do not mix but the EWKF Federation overacted. It could have penalized Youssef simply without suspending him from the game when he is actually a gold medalist. 
Many believe that if Youssef were wearing some El Sisi T-Shirt things would have different and he would not be crucified like that. Unfortunately with the on going El Sisi cult going strong in Egypt , I believe it could be the case.
By the way in all that drama going , no one is paying attention that we got world champions in Kung Fu that score medals in world championships like this and those champions are regarded as poor and naïve by their captain !! It is just a sad thing


  1. The government should be more distressed by the fact that torture is still going on in its prisons than by two Kung Fu'ers wearing or showing a political sign. Priorities are revealing.

  2. Wasn't the whole justification for the coup that democracy is incompatible with Egypt since all those poor people keep voting in Islamists? Classism has been at the heart of every form of suppression in Egypt.


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