Wednesday, November 27, 2013

For the Sake of #Jan25 Principles

Today 14 girls have been sentenced to 11 years in jail in because of balloons and a hand sign in one of the most disgraceful court rules ever in the Egyptian judicial system if I may say. The true humans in this country were shocked and angry for this verdict murderers and corrupted do not get regardless of the political affiliation of those girls!!
Now among those are angry a hacker called Pharaoh that hacked the Judges Club’s official website, the Judges club is Egypt’s Judges Syndicate.
The screen capture
The hacker left a message that I believe actually represents the view of many young Pro-revolutionaries :
I have never imagine that I would defend one day a MB or a Pro-Morsi person but today I will defend the 14 girls sentenced 11 years in jail because of Rabaa sign. As much as I hate the Muslim Brotherhood , this is injustice. The Principles of the 25 January revolution are bread , freedom and social justice and today the freedom of 14 girls has be suppressed. The Muslim Brotherhood did sell us and the revolution but I will never give up the January 25 revolution.

 This message is so true , it is about justice and human rights. You know I remember from a year ago the MB mocked the revolutionaries for standing for the rights of Mr. Hammada, the Pro-Mubarak Pro-Omar Suleiman supporter who was stripped naked and was beaten by security forces during the protests against ousted Morsi at the Presidential Palace. This is is the same ting , the point that our fascists from both sides do not get. The fight is about basic justice and human rights. Anyhow I doubt that both fascists whether Pro-Military or Pro-Islamists will understand this because in the end they are fascist.  
The Non Humans who are happy with that verdict because those girls are Muslim Brotherhood make me feel sorry because I know that karma is bitter. One thing for sure I have learned in one year since November 2012 that karma is truly bitter  and the Muslim Brotherhood knows that very well but they do not want to admit it in this stage. In Islamic way I will say that Justice is from the names of God and Justice will prevail sooner or later.


  1. Not sure how the MB can be said to have sold their revolution so much as the NSF. Who was it again who tried to coast to power on the backs of the military because they can't organize well enough to compete in an election? Where were all these human rights revolutionaries when the government was massacring people? Oh that's right, cheering. You people made this catastrophe. The real karma is when people like April 6 are arrested and tortured by the same goons they unleashed on the MB. I have no more use for Egypt's useless revolutionaries.

    1. Actually the MB is known for their talks with SCAF since January 2011 to ensure the rule. Through out the past two years they accused the revolutionaries what they are accused of themselves

    2. It seems like whenever any faction, no matter what its ideology, seizes a large amount of power, it instantly acts to reject cooperation with the bulk of the opposition and tries instead to govern in an exclusive manner. The NSF, the MB, etc. seem all to be affected by this mindset. It is like dissenting parties are viewed as being so suspicious and dangerous that they are irrevocably contaminated and arguments are frequently made for their physical liquidation. The military and its supporters, however, exemplify a version of it on steroids, hence why they only can create dictatorship and oppression.

  2. Yes.. be aware of double standards...justice is for all

  3. A student today was killed during protests. The Egyptian police and judiciary seem to be barbaric terrorists.

  4. That the FJP tried to get power for itself isn't shocking. The only reason a political party exists is to try to gain power. The important thing is how easily it can be checked. And if you look at Morsi's rule, you will see that most of the really bad things he tried to do were blocked. He dropped the charges against Yusef, he didn't actually end up passing the protest law, he didn't keep the powers he took in the November declaration, he didn't have his political enemies gunned down in the streets by the thousands.

    You can say that doesn't mean Morsi was a better person and I reply that is the point. An elected president with an independent judiciary, limited control over armed forces and a free press is limited in what he can do. A military junta like Sisi's like full control over everything is much freer to oppress and thus is actually doing all the things Morsi just wanted to. No more Bassem Yousef, no more free press, military trials for civilians, people shot to death in the thousands in broad daylight. Jun 30 was worse than being merely a crime, it was a historical mistake. Now the liberals get to be arrested and tortured by the exact same army they worked so hard to bring into power because they wanted to arrest and kill the Muslim Brotherhood they couldn't defeat in 5 straight elections. Egypt is a joke.


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