Friday, November 1, 2013

#Hala’ib Triangle in Photos : Shalateen Port by Yasser El Rasoul

As expected after raising the disputed Hala’ib triangle in the Egyptian media thanks to El Bashir’s officials statements earlier this year , it is no longer on radar and the neglected disputed rich-in much need of development is back to the abyss of oblivion. 

Well I did not forget this area and today I share with you those photos from there giving you a glimpse of the neglected triangle there. The photos are taken by photographer Yasser El Rasoul in 2012. I gathered the photos from his Facebook Page in to storify Slideshows to be published in a series through out this week here in the Egyptian Chronicles.

I will start the series with photos from Shalateen Port in the city of Shalateen.

Here is Shalateen port on the map.


Only last September 2013 the minister of transportation in the interim government agreed to found an international marine port in Shalateen.

Yasser El Rasoul took over 100 photos from different areas in the triangle. Of course I must hint out that he is one of the best photographers in Egypt to use HDR in nature photos. These photos should not be only published on Facebook but rather in some Egyptian National Geographic if we are speaking seriously.

They are amazing photos and honestly I will use them in order to make you back here and read more about that part of Egypt.

You can go to Shalateen easily.According to my friends who went there , there are two humble hotels there.

Insh Allah One day I visit this place with my little camera and document life there in Egyptian Chronicles. It is on my bucket list. Hopefully soon insh Allah I will make it.

This series is dedicated to late Mindy Bahaa El Din.Her birthday is today. 


  1. just a question, the map is empty, only on my pc or a mistake?
    i like your posts, special about such issues which not found in other media and special these days, looking forward for the next part

    1. Thanks for your kind words , I will fix this problem immediately :)

  2. To be precise - Shalateen is situated still outside the Hala'ib Triangle. But I like and appreciate your blog anyway. :-)

  3. that prick maher hamoud tweets,,,,,journos pelted with stones.....yet omits pro militray journos baying for execution....what a twit

  4. Hello Zeinobia,

    Permit me to describe your blog as an entirely original one.
    I could find over-here, that couldn't be found elsewhere,
    despite of navigating thru a striking number of areas on the web.

    Please go-on, it is such an innovating and ingenious work, that you do,
    especially at this part of history, regarding Egypt and turmoil occurring.


    Dr Gamaleldin Soliman

  5. The islands of Tiran and Sanafeer, as well as the triangle of Halaib, are both Egyptian land and make no mistake, you will touch-not a single grain of sand or a drop of water in both the area's exclusive economic zone.

    To both the governments claiming to own our land, disregarding our sovereignty and integrity, stop your persuit because you risk losing your entire land in the process, especially Sudan, given the proximity as well as the fact that Sudan was once a territory of Egypt.


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