Thursday, November 7, 2013

#Hala’ib triangle in Photos : The village of #Abraq by Yasser EL Rasoul

And here is the second part of The Hala’ib triangle in photos series. I started it with a photo slide show from Shalateen Port. This time the slide show is from the small village of Abraq in Shalateen.

These amazing photos were taken by talented photographer Yasser El Rasoul.

Abraq is 130 kilometer away from city of Shalateen in the North West.

Its people are from the Beja people ethnic. The Beja people are from the oldest ethnic groups in North Africa , it is enough to know that they used to fight along with the ancient Egyptians. Yes sir they are so old and so unique.

Now the village of Abraq is extremely poor as you can see in the photo , its main water source is that water well bearing the village name in the slide show “it looks amazing”. It is not about living in nomadic environment , it is about zero supplies and utilities. The people of Arbaq work mainly in pasture but some of them go to the mounts searching for coal in order to trade it with food especially Wheat in Shalateen main market.

What I say in this post is based upon the testimonies of the young humanitarians that went there and saw what they were not prepared for.

Amazingly the people there are content and they do not ask for more. They also are not angry from the valley or from the State that it neglected them.

The Egyptian Food Bank and Resala helped the people of Abraq before , there are also independent youth mostly from Islamists organizing food and medical supplies caravans.

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  1. Thank you for amazing article and we have support Food Bank and Resala


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