Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Look to the bright side We Manage to be the first in something !!!!

The Washington Post published a report about the best and worst countries for expats from 34 countries
yesterday. The WP is based upon the Expats report of HSBC. According to this report Egypt shamelessly is the worst country to expats , oh yes thanks to our increasing lethal mix of xenophobia and populist nationalism.
From optimistic point of view , We are the first in being worst when it comes to expats in our country !! Yeah the first for being worst !!
Here is Egypt's profile in the report , it only lacks the criteria of "Rising Children abroad".
This is how I started my day.
You know one of my dreams after the 25 January revolution was to restore the cosmopolitan nature of Egypt because I believe Modern Egypt was not only built and flourished by Egyptians but also by fantastic expats who came to our country and found more than a safe asylum starting with those who built the modern Egyptian army that shocked the throne of Ottoman Empire.
I hope that those radical right wing nationalists are happy with that report. I hope that populist nationalist sensational media is happy.
 If you add this report to the WEF report , you will have a sad vision about Egypt that we do not want to see or live. 


  1. Egypt is the best country ever! how dare you talk about Egypt like this and trust the Ikhwany-washignton-post. #welcome_to_xenophobia #he_is_talking_ikhwany_language

  2. Hello Zeinobia,

    I am a long time reader of your blog, and this report cannot be a reflection of a representative sample. It just doesn't ring true. I can say that I know many expats who live and raise their children in Egypt, and are perfectly happy to do so. I certainly am. Of course there are xenophobic people in all societies Egypt is no exception, but overall Egypt is a great place to live in, even with all the issues and problems she is facing right now.

    I enjoy your blog very much.
    Wish you all the best.

  3. I know several people who have canceled trips to Egypt. And that's just the Westerners, most of the Arab community here is Lebanese and Palestinian and the stories about how they are being treated is enough to make sure none of them are going to be going to Egypt for a long, long time. Well, mostly Syrians and Palestinians but Lebanese are close enough to Syrians nobody wants to take chances. I think the Palestinians here might hate Sisi more than Netenyahu, which is saying something.


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