Friday, December 20, 2013

The Completely Forgotten #Rohingya Suffering

Dear friend Jenan Moussa , the amazing Al Aan TV channel has traveled to Burma and filmed there the suffering of the Rohingya Muslim minority after it was almost forgotten in our Arabic media.
Jenan went there to the city of Sittwe to find out that there are 5000 Muslim Rohingya living in a ghetto not allowed to leave it surrounded by radical nationalists Burmese Buddhists. They do not work anymore living in one kilometer ghetto in fear. The people there demand the UN to help them.
5000 Muslim Rohingya stuck in one kilometer “Arabic”
She found out that  Rohinigya people are also banned from receiving any proper health care from any kind. They are not allowed to use the hospitals or clinics in Sittwe.
Muslims are not allowed to check in hospitals in Sittwe “Arabic”
In that Muslim ghetto , the people turned a coffee shop in to a very poor field clinic on Monday and Tuesday only.
They do not receive polio vaccination for a year now and it began to spread among young children. I think the UNHCR and UNICEF should do their job and head to this ghetto ASAP.
The two days clinic in a cafe !!
Of course the Islamists in the Middle East whether in Egypt or Gulf or in Turkey have completely forgotten the Rohingya. I understand the reasons for our Islamists in Egypt but I can not understand this silence in the Gulf or Turkey anymore.
Needless to say I am not waiting any of the governments in the Arab world or the Islamic world to do anything in order to stop the agony of those people. There is no big difference already between the governments and regimes in the Middle East and that corrupted junta in Burma , they are all playing on the sectarian nationalist game in a way or another.
Even Aung San Suu Kyi is just as hypocrite as our political elite especially in Egypt now.


  1. The Egyptian junta, just like the Burmese junta, considers the poor to be inferior beings outside the realm of humanity and unworthy of any innate right to exist.

    It might even agree with the Burmese dictators' view of the Rohingya as nonhumans. After all, this apparently is how Egypt's elite seea Syrians.

  2. Please take those Rohingya people to Egypt if you are so sad about their lives. They are not Burmese citizens, they are illegals and and need to leave Burma.


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