Friday, December 27, 2013

The Last Tweet of #Chatah

This is the last tweet by former Lebanese minister Mohamed Chatah on twitter , just one hour before his assassination in Beirut in another huge explosion that rocked the city earlier this morning.
The last tweet just one hour before his assassination.
The more moderate people are killed and forced to shut up , the more  radicals flourish. A fact we know in the hard way in the Middle East !! 


  1. Fully agree with your analysis Zeinobia!
    Lebanon teaches us that In Midlle East moderate are suppressed to pave the way for radicals.
    See also what Sharon did with moderate Palestinians in order to fulfill the raise of Hamas.

  2. There are no moderate Muslims in Islam. Thae are all Munafiqs who want to water down the Islam as practicedby Muhammad Salallahu aleyhi wasallam


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