Friday, January 31, 2014

And ElSisi Competes Abu Ismail in Posters yet Abu Ismail wins

Yesterday Egyptians woke up to find the posters of Field Marshal Abdel Fatah El Sisi all over main bridges and highways in Cairo and Giza especially on October bridge.

The posters had his famous picture with the lion in the background and phrases like “The people’s will” , “The Citizen’s sovereignty” or “Mr.Citizen” {I do not know what they mean here actually} , “Complete your path” and “People’s call”.
Those who hate the Field Marshal of course did not waste any time in vandalizing the ads.
To  be honest there is another potential candidate who got his ads over October bridge : Mr. Ahmed Mokhtar whom we do not know nothing about him in some irony. His posters are over October bridge near Heliopolis.

Who is that guy ?
Now I got a set of questions regarding these ads :
  • Who stands behind them ?? Who paid their cost !?
  • Why did the government or rather Cairo governorate and Giza governorate approve this campaign !? As far as I know they have to approve for publicity and ads to be hanged like this on the bridges and highways. Why would they approve these ads before the presidential elections campaigns kick off officially ???
  • Is not this considered an indirect if not direct support to Abdel Fatah El Sisi in his upcoming presidential elections ? Thus a huge violation to the principles of the regime’s neutrality in elections and as well the elections fairness and equal opportunity between candidates !?
  • Is this consider fair to start the presidential elections’ campaigns in this indirect way !?
Thank Goodness I am not the only one who got these questions , other websites are asking the same questions in Arabic.
Of course comparing to Abu Ismail , the Islamist controversial preacher wins after all his boys spread his posters all over the buildings , bridges , walls and even cars. We got their traces so far while Hazem Salah Abu Ismail is in jail now !!
Now and then



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  2. It is so funny seeing loons claim every non-Sisi potential candidate is/are the MB's candidate(s). How many candidates do the believe the MB'S is trying to run? They act like 80% of the political forces are MB branches. If that is true, Sisi will be annihilated in the election.


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