Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Future That We do not want to see in #Egypt

Today was another round of Morsi trial saga where the ousted president shouted at the judge behind a glassed cage reminding him on he is and some defendants were found out to be dead in Gaza as well to be prisoners in the Israeli prisons for several years now before January 2011.
Still nothing captured my eyes in this trial except one picture or rather a scene that captured the eyes of photographers waiting outside the police academy where the trial is held.
By Mohamed Hossam
It is like the famous quote in George Orwell's 1984 "If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human faceforever "
This girl is the future of Egypt and the military boat represents the military and you got El Sisi’s poster in the back.This is a future I do not want to see in Egypt. I do not think anyone with dignity and hope for this country would like to see this future or picture.

 Here is the complete family.
By Mahmoud Khaled /AFP

To be honest I want to throw those military boots in the face of those parents from El Sisi supporters. The photographers as I hinted above did not leave them alone , in fact the parents seemed to enjoy the attention.
The girls do not look happy the way I see it.
There is no difference between this family and the Muslim Brotherhood when they made the children wear shrouds in Rabaa sit in. There is no difference between this family or the orphanage that made little girls wear summer cocktail clothes carrying El Sisi posters from couple of weeks ago.
Unfortunately the photos of adults including elderly with military boots over their heads spread recently in Egypt thanks to El Sisi-Mania in very shameful sad scenes. This has nothing to do with respect and love of the army or the country , this has to do with basic self respect and dignity. 
Enough of this disgusting hypocrisy. If you love your country and your army , you do not need to humiliate yourself and humiliate your kids.


  1. Again with the MB comparisons... Even when they have nothing to do with a situation you always find a way to squeeze them in there.

    Btw zeinobia didn't you cheer for a military coup in June30? You invited these boots to come on these girl's heads, now you're crying about it.

  2. I have to admit when I saw the pictures on Twitter I assumed they were anti-government protestors. I didn't realize this was supposed to be a pro-military message until I read this post. Not sure how this looks to Egyptians, but to a Western eye this is pretty disgusting. The use of children in protests quite aside, "Living under a military boot" is an English idiom for being ruled by a tyrant, so the message to they are sending to the world at large is that we are happy to be slaves. I'm not really sure how else to read it other than explicit support for tyranny and dictatorship. Might as well put on a collar and crawl around on all fours.

  3. I am surprised here. These girls are too young for this kind of decision. The blame goes to their father and mother, who humiliated their children instead of protecting their dignity. What were they thinking? What did they expect in return for this display?

  4. If you want to humiliate yourself, you have the right to be stupid. NOTHING gives any human being the right to humiliate their children.

  5. I think it is a powerful image and it shows how Egyptian revolution undone. . Anyone who see the picture would think Mubarak and co. boots are back.

  6. In each strong country as large as yours or mine, the leaders will manipulate the masses wherever they can. In my country we are reminded that war is good and heros have shrapnel in their heads (2 minutes standing ovation for such a war hero in President Obama's State of the Union Address last night) . Now is war is good and shrapnel in one's brain is how you get a standing ovation, then something is very wrong with values here. In your country you too are having to deal with manipulation and brainwashing of the masses. Was it Hitler who said to tell the people the "big lie" because more people will believe you versus little lies for everyone tells the little ones. :(

  7. added: I meant to say exploitation was the call of the State of the Union address. Sad to say.


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