Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Great Example of Civilian State !!

Tonight , from short time ago Interim President Adly Mansour has issued another historical presidential decree reconstituting the Supreme Council of Armed aka SCAF.
SCAF 2014
According to the latest decree by Mansour , SCAF is headed now by the minister of defense and not by the head of the state aka the President. SCAF now is officially made 23 Generals. The president still has got the right to call for a SCAF meeting and attend that meeting thank Goodness.
It is worth to mention that yesterday Mansour issued another decree regarding the position of the minister of defense. According to that decree the minister of defense should be a general from the armed who served at least 5 years in this rank. Oh yes no civilian minister of defense.
By the way according to the Constitution , SCAF chooses the minister of defense which means the President and the Prime minister have no right to choose him if I understand correctly.
With these decrees in addition to the military related articles in the constitution that gives immunity to the minister of defense for the upcoming 8 years and no civilian supervision what so ever on SCAF’s complete control on the armed forces , the SCAF generals are more powerful than the president according to the Constitution.
The president is just the Supreme commander of armed forces in some cosmetic form , the most powerful man is the minister of defense.
This makes me wonder : Is Field Marshal El Sisi going to run for presidency or not !? Is he going to accept to be outside the game officially where the other generals have more power than his !?
Already logic says “and logic does not exist anymore in the valley of the Nile” that he wont’ jeopardize the minister of defense’s position and trade it with the President position where he can be sold out and be a scapegoat by the army itself in the first upcoming popular uprising as it happened before with Mubarak and Morsi.
The Field Marshal seems to be hesitant , his supporters claim that he is waiting the new Presidential elections law to be passed in order to see if it is good for him or not !! “As if he does not  know the articles of the law already”
But on the other hand People like Amr Moussa “who is said to be one of the Field General’s main advisors in his campaign” announced that the Field Marshal would announce his candidacy after ten days.
Well days will tell. Personally now I am starting to believe that he won’t run.
And man we have a real basis for civilian state now.
On side note Adly Mansour has engraved his name proudly as far as I see in our modern history.


  1. So Egypt joins Thailand, Myanmar, Chile, Indonesia, Algeria, Sudan, old Prussia, Pakistan, pre-2000 Turkey. An Army with a State, rather than a State with an Army.

  2. Better an army with a state rather than the brotherhood with a state.

  3. He will undoubtedly run and win. The man has had dreams of presidency for years.

    Then the bubble of his manufactured cult of personality will burst under pressure of Egyptian daily worries.


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