Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A start of something

Several political groups and movements organized earlier tonight a silent stand on October bridge in solidarity with the political detainees demanding their release. Here are photos from the stand that started at 6 PM.

Among these groups April 6 Youth Movement , Strong Egypt Party , No for military trials Campaign, Revolutionary socialists and No for torture campaign. Those groups and parties agreed to defend all political detainees regardless of their political affiliation. They also agreed that no partisan signs to be raised in the stand ; only the photos and banners about the detainees.

According to the people who attended it , the number of the participants was good. Mona Seif said on her Facebook page that actually some people began to cheer for those silent protesters and that others went and asked them about those youth in the photos while others ignored them peacefully.

This is a good start to return back to the street in the time being

Earlier today the court sentenced 3 members of Strong Egypt party 3 years in jail for distributing flyers against Constitution 2014. Also two RSSD editors are facing military trial for allegedly leaking El Sisi’s secret meetings.

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