Friday, February 14, 2014

Elsisi and .. Back to and From the U.S.S.R

And Field Marshal Abdel Fatah El Sisi is back from a glorious visit to Moscow where he got the blessing of its Tsar for his presidential bid as well finalizing the big weapons deal with the Russians.
Back from the U.S.S.R sorry from Russian Federation !!
The visit was a surprising one in its time and according to Russian news websites the Russians wanted it to be pushed back but the Egyptian party insisted , well there is a good reason why the Egyptian counterpart wanted to have this visit now. Supposedly according to many sources next Field Marshal Abdel Fatah will announce his presidential candidacy. He has no other time if he is going to run for presidency.

 This visit is not about boosting truly the Egyptian Russian relations but rather to boost the image of Abdel Fatah El Sisi as part of his presidential campaign. It is not about finishing his work in the Egyptian ministry of defense aka the weapons deal. The weapons deal is about Egypt not about Abdel Fatah El Sisi not to mention we did not pay a penny it as it was our Gulf friends who paid the deal !!
Of course the media in Egypt is flying over the moon about the visit.
Last October the Russian FM and Russian Defense visited in Egypt and the visit was considered a historical one and a big slap to the States in the media despite the clear statements of Lavrov that Russia does not replace anyone  in Egypt.
The insistence on making El Sisi the next Nasser in the Egyptian media made journalists think in retro way , after all you will find people speaking in Egyptian media about the East Camp and the Soviet Union !!
Anyhow the main headline in that big historical surprising visit was not the arms deal or replacing our big international ally , the big headline was how El Sisi told Putin in their 10 minutes meeting and Putin praised the daring decision giving him the first endorsement an Egyptian potential presidential candidate.
Interestingly El Sisi told Kuwaiti journalist Ahmed Jarallah and his Kuwaiti newspaper that he would run for presidency before announcing the matter officially to the Egyptian public then he traveled half the world to tell Putin that he was going to run for presidency taking his blessing as a world power leader !!
Now to Putin’s statement.
Talk to me about Fair elections and international involvement in internal Egyptian affairs !?? Logic says that if you are against the American and Qatari involvement in Egypt why do you replace it with Russia and KSA , UAE and Kuwait !!??
Also I believe someone should tell the Field Marshall that his PR campaign outside was failing miserably as he is insisting on showing himself as an upcoming military dictator whether with the North Korean on-going cult about him or the crack down against his political opponents mainly from the true Pro-Democracy revolutionary camp or the choice of his new international friends.
Putin is the last person to speak about democracy and human rights and it is not about his country only but about his international friends whether in Ukraine or in Syria. Of course another question pops in to my mind. Now we are having the same views like Russia regarding the political solution in Syria, what does Egypt’s biggest ally and main financier in the region Saudi Arabia think about that !?
Of course Egyptian media especially newspapers and magazine like Rosa Al Youssef is claiming that El Sisi and Fahmy were received in some popular reception where the photos of Putin and Nasser were hanged !!!! Ironically the visit of the Egyptian officials was the main event in Russia because the Russians are following Sochi 2014.
Strangely judging from the activity of the Russian Foreign ministry’s English twitter account on Thursday , you would feel that the visit of the Egyptian delegation was not that important compared for instance the statement of Lavrov about Ukraine and its crisis.
Aside from the blessings of the Tsar for his presidential candidacy , the wardrobe of the Abdel Fatah El Sisi captured eyes and minds in the past 48  hours.
First he left Egypt wearing a civilian suit.

Leaving Egypt on Wednesday in Civilian Suit
The town went mad and strategic analysts kept telling us that that was a sign that the Field Marshal was transforming from a military to a civilian because you know it is about the suite !!!!
The Blue blazer and black pants were the talk of town.
The official explanation given to the Egyptians was that it was a long trip and he would change in the plane.
Then he wore the official army suit in Moscow. Ironically when the Russian Defense minister was wearing a civilian suit.
Then after meeting Putin , the Russian president gave El Sisi a present : The Russian Red army blue sweater jacket with a big socialist red star.
Big red star
Of course some of his groupies back in Cairo claimed that this is the biggest honor in Russia !!! I feel the one who started this lie was bluffing them and they believed him.
I do not know what kind honor this is but I know my mother “who likes Nasser” that an Egyptian army military man should not wear another army’s uniform regardless what especially in his position.
The amount of memes about El Sisi’s wardrobe was incredible in the past 24 hours for real.
Ironically only the kids and youngsters are the ones who are telling the people now that the emperor is naked regardless what but nobody wants to listen. 
Now regarding the international relations of Egypt , it is good to have healthy balanced relations with the all the countries especially the world powers but I hope people understand that we do not live anymore in the 1950s and 1960s , things are more complicated than the days of the Eastern camp and western camp.Another fact Abdel Fatah IS NOT NASSER NOR SADAT and He WILL NEVER BE.

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  1. Great post as usual Zeinobia. Yes I think Putin longs for the old Soviet system if in fact he hasn't taken it back a few steps closer. He is after all ex-KGB.

    Keep your eyes on Saudi Arabia. It's been secretly buying arms from the Russians much to the dislike of the U.S. So I suspect the Russians have learned a thing or two after their failure in Afghanistan about playing all sides. But the question remains if someone from the military doesn't win the election then who would take their place?


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