Friday, February 21, 2014

#FreeAlaa : It is getting too long now

This is the longest period Alaa Abdel Fatah has been detained in custody as far as I remember and the quietest  period also. I remember that in the past 2 periods there was much noise and true solidarity, then this time.

In solidarity with Alaa Abdel Fatah

This is a video produced by Jordanian 7iber during the Arab bloggers conference in Amman last month in solidarity with Blogger and activist Alaa Abdel Fatah. Activist and blogger Alaa Abdel Fatah is facing at least three in jail for allegedly organizing unauthorized protest last November against military trials

With all our differences I miss seeing Alaa on my twitter timeline. I want Alaa to return back to Manal and Khaled before anything. 

By the way when me and others online say Free Alaa , it does not mean that we forgot about the other detainees detained unfairly and unjustly for political reasons in Egypt. We have not forgotten and will not forget.


  1. I've not visited your blog for a very long time. I've to say I'm both surprised and relieved to not see your post followed by comment from an obnoxious person called Bastawisi or something. Maybe one of the people he's been stalking got him finally locked up.

  2. God didn't sent us to this earth for obeying unjust kings, sheikhs, military dictators, police chiefs and judges? Was the blood that was spilt in ousting Mubarak useless blood? Is liberty cheap and we can wait for another two hundred years more to get it, like since the time when Napoleon was in Egypt at the start of 18th century? Or is it to be had right now? So let us start by killing each and every military personnel, killing every policeman and killing every judge. But how can we approach the military, police and judges of higher ranks?
    Go after the lowest rank possible and if you are afraid to kill the adult then simply get hand on their children, kill the bad seed and the parent will come. They will abandon their duties and post to come home to protect their families and hence the higher authorities will be left without any protection. And if you can't even touch their children then go after the relatives including brothers, sisters, parents, niece, nephews, uncles and aunts of these lowly military men, policemen and the lowest ranking judiciary officials. Once these people start getting killed, all the right minded and timid military personnel, policeman and judicial staff will start coming to our cause and start killing the genuine culprits. It is understandable that a large number of innocent people would be killed, but it is worth the numbers if in the end there is a just and workable society where everyone knows that you can easily get killed if you take injustice to unreasonable proportion. And this killing of unjust people by anonymous strangers will have to continue for a number of years so that everyone knows that unlawful and illegal behaviour costs you and your dear ones their lives. Even if a million men get killed (the whole of military, police and judges and judicial staff) it is a small price to pay for an eternity of just and equitable society, and the happy society that will result in the aftermath. A million is a small number considering that the wars already killed a million in Iraq and another million in Afghanistan. Proof of history is that intelligence belongs to Libyan and stupidity to Egyptians.Libyans knew that due to an unforeseen future, that which can be done now should be done now, hence, they killed Qadhafi while he was hiding in a pipe. While the stupid Egyptian believing in their eternal corrupt judicial and military system let go of Mubarak, who now enjoys total freedom, and soon will be enjoying his 70 billion dollars looted from the Egyptian people. Next time when you get your hands on Sissy, kill him while he hides in a sewer.
    Even the worst form of democracy(Mursi) was better than an autocratic Sissy general. The basic reason that the foreigners were always unable to control Afghanistan was that it was too costly to maintain a presence there both in monetary and personnel terms. And when the foreigners left their stooges in that country, those stooges were always killed along with their extended family members(including children). For this reason no Afghan ever tried to relate himself/herself to a foreigner unless the foreigner was present in their country with a huge military presence. But this military presence was always short-lived due to financial cost it entailed. This should be the basic premise of all Egyptian and muslim freedom struggles. Either the cost related is too high to maintain or it is deadly in regards to close family members (human life) cost. Then only, every one will stay within his/her limits. The state and military apparatus has messed up the country for the last fifty years, dont let them do it for the next fifty years. When the next revolution comes, kill each and every military and police personnel (serving and retired), so that the old regime is gone for good. (Kill the retired ones too as they always are the brain behind a new conspiracy). Serving in a state apparatus should be a mark of future death.


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