Saturday, March 22, 2014

Consider yourself as Their Father Mr.President "Updated"

The family of Australian journalist Peter Greste received a letter from Egyptian presidency signed by the interim President Adly Mansour.
The Grestes sent a letter to Mansour asking him to release their son and they got an answer.
As a father I’d love to convey my understanding of the prevailing emotions of distress and anguish amongst both Peter and the whole family
Notwithstanding the independence of the judiciary authority and foremost all the rights guaranteed by the law, I would like to assure you in my capacity as president of Egypt that I will spare no effort to work towards the speedy resolution of the case in a fashion consistent with the law and that guarantees the resumption of the family in the near future.
What about the rest of Egyptian journalists detained in the case !? Would Adly Mansour consider them as his children as well !? "Updated on 23 March , scroll down for the update"

 Already will Adly Mansour continue in his position as president till the end of this case considering the possible fact that we may have a new president within at least three months !?
Anyhow I wish someone reminds the media that there are other people , other journalists from Egypt facing the same charges like  Mohamed Fadel Fahmy , Baher Mohamed , Abdullah Shamy and Sohip Saad.
Abdullah Shamy has been for a food strike more than a month now and yet no one is helping him.
Now we know from Mohamd Fadel Fahmy that he needs a surgery now for his shoulder.
Updated at 11:49 PM : 
Fahmy was transferred to a hospital to receive treatment and then returned back to Prison.
I wish that Peter and the rest of the journalists are released this moment before tomorrow.
Sometimes I believe that Peter’s arrest actually helped the other Egyptian journalists. I am truly sorry to say that if he were not there in Marriott hotel , I doubt that anyone would care about Fadel , Baher , Sohip , El Shamy and others. The world would have forgotten them I am afraid. This is a bitter reality.
I am not asking a lot but I hope when the international media speaks about Peter Greste , it should mention other Egyptian journalists in the case with him.
Updated on 23 March 2014 :
 It turns out the family of Mohamed Fadel Fahmy also sent a plea to interim Presidential Adly Mansour and he answered back. His reply was similar to the one sent to Greste with a promise with Mohamed would receive Medical treatment. Here is a copy of the letter they got signed by Mansour.
A Copy from the letter
By the way tomorrow is a new session in the trial of the Al Jazeera journalists.


  1. Read how they treated Egyptian Al Jazeera cameraman Mohamed Badr who has since been acquitted and released. It's a horror story :

  2. For the first time, I don't agree at all with you that Egyptians were only arrested in the Marriott that day because of Peter Griest. Perhaps arresting an "outsider" seems like this on the face of it, but we must remember too, the interim government has been clamping down on freedoms now for months and this is no different by arresting those journalists.
    Perhaps you are right, but we won't know unless they tell us so.

    Egyptians should try not to close themselves off to the rest of the world in mind either, like the military does.

  3. Unfortunately, I also suspect that if Greste is released, the rest of the journalists (whether al-Jazeera or not al-Jazeera) will be very quickly forgotten.

  4. Just like Putin releasing Pussy Riots before the start of Olympic games, maybe the gov is just keeping in the fridge some "famous" prisoners, ready to be served free on some grand occasion requiring Sisi to advertise himself as fair and inclusive. You can bet their eventual release will be used in propaganda just like their arrest has been.


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