Monday, April 28, 2014

Actually #Sinai is Cursed For Real !!

Yesterday former head of Egyptian General intelligence Mourad  Mowafi said that Israel and Camp David treaty had nothing to do with the lack of urban development in Sinai all those decades.
“I think Sinai is cursed !!” Mowafi told El Mehawar TV channel on Saturday in his first ever TV interview after leaving the service.
Mowafi is still clueless about Sinai's lack of development 

I just can not understand how a spy chief who headed two intelligence services would say that in his first TV interview !!
So the ex-head of military intelligence who was governor of North Sinai before becoming the head of General intelligence does not know what is wrong with the urban development in Sinai after all those years. 
He did know the reason when he was heading the military intelligence or when he became the governor of North Sinai or when he became the head of General Intelligence. This is so promising.
Most important thing it has nothing to do with Israel or Camp David treaty.
Of course I can not get over “the curse” part especially after El-Sisi’s dreams.
Anyhow if you have a second though about what he said , you will find him right.
The former spy chief is right , Sinai is cursed but it is not cursed by some witch or by some crazy spell but rather a stupid incompetent ruling regime for the past 34 years that does not understand its importance to Egypt or the fact that its people are Egyptian citizens like the rest of the republic.
When I look to all those years wasted without turning Sinai in to real cities and towns where its locals enjoy their rights as Egyptian citizens despite all the sacrifices and blood spelled and is still being spelled up till now, I know for sure that stupidity is a curse.
Not only stupidity but corruption , ignorance , treason and dictatorship are bloody curses that need true miracle to break them and save this country from a doomed future when it comes to National security in a time like now.
Neglecting Sinai and treating its people like shit is not only stupidity but actually treason with my all due respect !!
Now speaking about Mouard Mowafi , well I think you should know that there are news spreading in Cairo that he will form a political coalition along with Sami Anan aiming to run in the parliamentary elections.
I got nothing to say.


  1. جهد طيب ومتابعه ممتازة يا زنوبيا ...
    انا نفسى اعرف بس هو كل قيادات الصف الاول والتانى والخمستاشر كلها تملك نفس الافكار والعقائد البالية والتفكير الى يفرق ولا يجمع .. ...حرام والله كنا نلقى باللوم على مبارك ونظامه فى تجريف العقول لكن المصيبة انها حالة عامة ...لك الله يا مصر

  2. InShaa Allah (swt) The Digital Revolution and The January 25th Revolution Will Make The Change.


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