Monday, April 28, 2014

Banning #April6 by the orders of the court : The confrontation continues

I will start with this court verdict tonight. It is a long night.  One thing for sure , the confrontation between the regime and April 6 Youth movement is still on as some has not forgotten the role this youth movement played in the 25 January revolution.
Today the Urgent Matters Court in Cairo issued an important court order : It banned April 6 Youth movement’s activities and ordered the closures of its headquarters.
Amazingly I do not recall that April 6 Youth movement was registered officially as NGO so its activities to be banned by a court rule.
When it comes to the youth movement’s headquarters , well its members are now concerned that the popular cafes they used to meet at across the country will be closed. According to many activists the the members of April 6 members used to have their meetings in popular cafes downtown Cairo like “El-Borsa” and their own homes !!
Now according to the reasoning of the court the youth political movement that played an important role whether you like it or not for the past 6 years in Egypt is banned for the following reasons :
  • It defamed Egypt.
  • Its members urge the United States to cancel the aid.
  • Its co-founding member Mohamed Adel “who is currently serving a jail sentence for illegal protesting” broke in to the building of State security in Cairo last March 2011 according to his twitter. “Along hundreds of Youth with the approval and supervision of the army , the whole world covered this day including yours truly”
  • Its member Asama Mahfouz uses media to create chaos. “The last time Mahfouz appeared on media was from couple of months away, she is away from politics now as it was forced to leave Kuwait along her baby girl. She used to leave there with her husband”
  • The photos of Ahmed Maher “The founder of the movement who is currently serving a jail sentence for illegal protesting” while carrying some arms.
  • The leaked telephone calls between Mohamed Adel and Ahmed Maher which were aired on Al Qahera Al Nas TV channel.
That last point made think a lot because these leaked telephone calls were recorded illegally and were aired illegally on TV.  The ministry of interior denied its relation to those leaked telephone calls.
I am not a lawyer but I think the court should not base its verdict on illegal evidence.
I remember that April 6 Youth Movement called the prosecution to investigate it in 2011 after it was attacked by SCAF.
I also remember that through 2011 the head of military intelligence “Abdel El-Fatah ElSisi” , SCAF member
Asmaa Mahfouz and Ahmed Maher with the two generals
and current chief of staff “Mohamed Hegazy” used to hold frequent meetings with the revolution youth including April 6 Youth and its founders. I know that if they were really traitors those army commanders that care for the country’s stability would not waste their time with traitors and spies !!
This is a clear message that the current regime which will continue under ElSisi’s rule is hunting down 25 January revolution and any political movement or power that calls for real democratic transition through peaceful ways. I see it as a vendetta by Mubarak’s deep state which has restored its full power now in the past few months.
Online some young people are laughing from the matter saying that now April 6 Youth movement is banned just like the Muslim Brotherhood in 1954 and that after 50 years from now it would rule Egypt like MB and then it would be ousted and the military rule would return back.
Now many friends of mine as well their friends have changed their avatars to the black fist of April 6 Youth. The Pro-Military/Pro-Mubarak supporters are happy that the April 6 youth , those traitors are banned while the Pro-Muslim Brotherhood believe that the movement deserves for standing against the brotherhood.
The Constitution Party issued a strong statement slamming the court’s rule.
Now to the Aprilians as they proudly call themselves.
Here is what Amr Ali , the current coordinator said regarding the verdict today.

A weak verdict to be consumed in the media. Our lawyers are ready to outturn it. April 6 Youth is an idea , is people not a company that can be closed by a signature on a paper.
The movement also posted this message on its official Facebook page, a really strong message :

Banning our activities !? Our activities are totally peaceful and we did not take a permission from anyone so they would be banned. Our activities’ main goals are to object on all the activities of the regime that bring down the state. The State which holds the last place in education , whose 60% of its citizens live under poverty line and half of citizens are illiterate. A state where 12 million citizens suffer from kidney and liver diseases , where the youth can not learn or work or live. A state that tortures and imprisons its opposition powers. A state whose police are actually thugs and their main activity are torture , corruption and thuggery. A state whose judiciary is politicalized and waits to take orders by the phone. A state whose army is not doing its main job and is involved in politics and in supporting its coup’s leader in order to keep its economic empire…
If the accumulation of the successive regimes in Egypt made the state so fragile that the chants of a protest can defame it then the court’s verdict won’t change nothing.
April 6 Youth is not just a movement , it is an idea and it is a part of a generation’s voice and dream. We will continue our activities and we will say what we want as we want.
For those who say or wonder what April 6 Youth movement presented in the past few years aside from the political mistakes it did whether in time of SCAF or in Morsi’s time , I would say just its members who were killed for the sake of freedom and democracy in Egypt including late Jika.
Yes Jika for whom allegedly the rebels of 30 June launched their movement to bring the rule of Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood.
I would like to say that I was a witness on how April 6 Youth movement “Ahmed Maher’s Front” used to gather signatures calling for early presidential elections and the ousting of Mohamed Morsi along with Rebel Campaign in some irony. Today they are celebrating the first anniversary of Tamaroud “Rebel Campaign” , irony for real.
By the way I think the next step the regime will do is to outlaw the Ultras movements through judiciary.
Also for those interested , this is the definition of Urgent Matters Court by tweep Mai Sadany : It  is a specialized civil court of primary jurisdiction. There are Courts for Urgent Matters in most cities; they have jurisdiction for all urgent cases raised in city where they operate.


  1. Definitely looks like the Ultras are the next target. One reason why the autocracy is able to outlaw the opposition in stages is because there was insufficient backlash against each totalitarian decision. First, it was the MB. The support they received there convinced them that deluded elements would continue to rationalize and excuse further instances of political illegalization. It was obvious that it was only a matter of time before they moved against labor movements and those who had long fought Mubarak, like April 6. Now, political illiterates are supporting the decision to dissolve the April 6 movement. Next, they will support moves against other factions.

    There is not a shred of evidence that the police state is going to stop its war against all forms of opposition. They are on a bloodlust high and cannot see what they are really doing. Most likely next stop is the Ultras, and then perhaps the Strong Egypt Party, the Dostour Party, and the Popular Current. They cannot afford to continue to be challenged by those movements. They hate the fact that the Dostour Party was one in which El Baradei played a huge role.

    This is the typical totalitarian coup playbook. It is following the Chilean and Thai script closely. As Pinochet destroyed real democratic movements and marginalized irrelevant useful idiots that kept touting his supposed plan to reset or restore democracy, the Sisi cult and the deep state will continue to massacre and declare as terrorists all forces that support any semblance of democracy. The joke parties that have endorsed Sisi will find their support levels wane as he throws them aside and refuses them a real presence in the upcoming fraudulent parliament. History will not be kind to the Tagammu, the Free Egyptians, the Nour Party, and the like.

    Sabahi vs the terrorist Sisi is increasingly resembling a replication of Ayman Nour versus the terrorist Hosni Mubarak.

    The idea that the April 6 movement or the opposition reflects some kind of American conspiracy is an idiotic idea, but it becomes even more foolish when you consider how the Sisi cult is very much a Saudi cult reflecting Saudi political and monetary interests.

    There is no longer any real doubt that the deep state exists and that it is an appropriate term for the despotic conglomeration it describes.



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