Friday, April 25, 2014

Happy #Sinai Liberation Day Regardless What

Today is the Sinai liberation Day. It comes in very intense and critical times where Sinai , especially in the North is suffering from a war on terrorism.
For months now there has been no real unbiased free news coverage about Sinai. We only know what the Egyptian government and the Egyptian army want us to know. Of course this created a golden opportunity for Pro-Radical Islamist groups to have their own YouTube channels and Facebook pages posting horrifying photos and news from their view that need confirmation to turn the people against the army and join the cause.
Between those two , the truth is lost.
The truth is already lost there are not less than 12 hours everyday at most lost when it comes to the communications with Sinai. Security forces cut communications in North Sinai for many hours every day in order to foil any attempt by the terrorists aka Ansar Beit Al Maqdis to use mobile phones in explosive devices. The citizens of North Sinai pay the price as usual.
A number of Sinai activists and tweeps launched on twitter the hashtag “Sinai_outside_coverage” reminding people with their agony with the daily communications cut.
Unfortunately there is an iron curtain on Sinai especially in the North , of course this has to end. It should end. I can not ignore by the way the fantastic balanced report about Sinai and about how the civilians are stuck between two merciless fires. As you can see the name of the correspondent who made this report was withheld for his own protection. This gives you hint about what I am trying to say.
I feel sad when I read news about Al Arish. This town was associated with beautiful memories in the summer with its quiet calm beaches. It is just sad.
My sources , my trusted sources now in Sinai are couple of journalists and activists whom I wait every day to return back online to tell us the news and what is happening there. I do not need tell you to follow Mohamed Sabry , Ahmed Abu DraaAhmed El Ghol , Massad Abu Fagr and Mostafa Singer {The last four tweet in Arabic only} to get unbiased news tweets from there.
The latest news from there is the arrest of the Sinai leftist activist and poet Hassan Hantoush , the coordinator of Hamdeen Sabbahi presidential campaign was arrested last week and it turned out that he is currently standing a military trial. He is allegedly accused of taking photos for military areas.
I hope that Hamdeen Sabbahi and his campaign won’t let that man down.
Sinai returned back to Egypt’s sovereignty officially on that day from 32 years but it has not returned yet for real to Egypt. What I fear , really fear now is that while winning the war on terrorism we lose the hearts and minds of the people of Sinai.
Anyhow Happy Sinai liberation day regardless what.

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