Saturday, April 12, 2014

#Marathon For Freedom in #Cairo Against protest Law

And today was the first event organized by Revolutionary political movements in Egypt against the protest law.  In case you do not know , we got very stupid protest law that resulted in detention of thousands and imprisonment of hundreds unfairly. True Pro-Jan25 Revolutionary political movements want to abolish this law.
Alaa Abdel Fatah running wearing a poster of Abdullah Shamy
A symbolic marathon in Cairo that ended at the journalists syndicate staircases.
The symbolic marathon where the protesters wore signs calling for the freedom of detainees started in Zamalek from Opera house and ended at the Journalists syndicate. The majority of protesters ran but there were also bicyclists too.

According to eye witnesses and photos, the numbers were good considering the campaign against the revolutionary powers and movements.
Now there was one single problem. The regular people did not know who these runners were and why they were running. Another problem big parties as usual were absent yet media came to cover the event.
During the press conference depressing stories were being told about victims of that unjust law which did not stop any protests or any clashes or anything as well the victims of security abuses.
One of the most depressing stories is the story of student Amr Raba’I , a young Islamist activist who was allegedly abducted last March fro Downtown Cairo. The fate of the young student is unknown as he could not be founded anywhere.

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