Monday, April 28, 2014

#Minya criminal court Judge breaks another world record

And the Criminal Court of Minya is insisting on keeping its name in the hall of shame when it comes to Mass Capital Punishment hall of shame !!
By @Trenz 

Earlier today Judge Said Youssef made sure that his name would be engraved in the Guinness Book of records by handing 683 defendants another preliminary death sentence in the case of Adawa police station attack.
Those 683 defendants are accused of attacking Adawa police station and killing one of its police officer in addition to destroying public and private properties, violence , riots and incitement of violence as well belonging to a banned organization aka The Muslim Brotherhood. 
Among the 638 defendants the Muslim Brotherhood Guide Mohamed Badie. He is not the first MB guide to be sentenced to death , I think Hassan El Hodabi was sentenced to death but his penalty was reduced in time of Nasser. Nevertheless there are a lot of names in the defendants list who are not Muslim brotherhood members in the first place. It is not the first case in which Badie faces death sentence. 
This is a preliminary sentence , the final verdict will be announced next 21 June 2014. After that the lawyers of defendants will appeal the verdict within 60 days.
Again this verdict was taken after two sessions only. There were no hearings or proceedings or anything. Judge Youssef likes to keep it fast.
On the day , in the same roll of cases “as we say in Egypt” , Judge Youssef confirmed death sentence to 37 and 492 others to life sentence in jail in his first world record aka Matay police station case. Supposedly the death sentence was reduced for most of the defendants after the consulting opinion of Egypt’s Grand Mufti according to the law.
SO we got 638 defendants who are facing death sentence and waiting the Grand Mufti’s final say “despite it is not an obligatory thing to the court” and 37 defendants who are actually going to be executed if their case is not appealed.

By the way prosecution appeal against the court’s verdicts in Matay police station , it wants death sentence to the rest of the defendants !!
The judge “who is extremely happy with his world fame” is saying that he gave the defendants mercy they did not deserve now in the media !! I thought that judges should not speak about their cases in the media already !!
Now heart broken mothers and wives from Minya are speaking to the media especially international defending their relatives saying that they are not Muslim Brotherhood let alone devoted Muslims , yes they say now that their sons do not pray publicly !!

A mother : My son is not a Muslim Brotherhood member , he does not pray !!

The following tweets are from Ahmed Medhat who is a fixer and a prodcuer. He was in Minya during the trial.

One of the men in front of the court : My nephew works in a belly dancer's band , where is that terrorism then !?

A mother told Ahmed Medhat that her son was arrested before 30 June in hashish possession case where the bail was LE 5000 , they could not pay it and so he found himself accused in this case.
The photos of the mothers and wives from Minya today made photo galleries. So sad in a way I can not describe it.
Of course this verdict today made headlines around the world, not a big surprise.
Before I finish my post I would like to share these tweets from tweep George Salib from Minya who witnessed the riots and violence in the city first hand on 14 and 15 August 2013.

Do you know that those who were witnessed in the riots in Minya are known to everyone by name in the city and since then they are walking freely in the city because they are working originally with security forces !!
Do you know that the reports of the High state security investigations according to which the defendants were arrested were issued last 27/7/2013 which was 2 weeks before the riots.
I will not say anything more.

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