Monday, April 28, 2014

The verdicts of the day !!

And this is one of the days you want it just to end as soon as possible.
We got three interesting shocking court verdicts today
  • Minya Criminal Court sentences 683 defendants "allegedly MB supporters" to death for the murder of police officer and breaking in to the Adawa police station in Minya including the current Muslim Brotherhood guide Mohamed Badie following the dispersal of Rabaa and Nahada sit-ins among other charges. "Another breaking record for the same judge in the same court !!" 
  • The same court in different case confirms the death sentence of 37 defendants and life imprisonment to the rest 490 defendants for the murder of a police officer and breaking in to Matay police station among other charges. "The original outrageous biggest capital punishment record in the history of Egypt that has been broken by the same judge today" 
  • The urgent matters court in Cairo banned April 6 Youth movement in Egypt ordering the suspension of its activities and the closure of its headquarters for espionage and defaming Egypt's reputation abroad.  
This happened with in 5 hours or even less today. 
Wait for more this afternoon. 

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  1. Other countries should stop bothering to provide aid to Egypt and instead should sanction its leadership. The actions against the April 6 movement erase all doubt whatsoever that this is pro-Mubarak government. Egyptian fascists cannot stand that the January 2011 revolution shook their power to its core and now are lashing out against anyone that had a role in it.

    Morsi wasn't a good president, but the present crop of dictator trash isn't fit to even clean his shoes.

    No intelligent person can possibly believe that Egypt's "elections" are remotely free or fair. Not possible after seeing how anyone that opposes Sisi is subject to banning or outlawing. Setting aside how can Sabahi succeed if votes are rigged in advance, his potential supporters are being persecuted and imprisoned.

    June 30 was clearly a coup meant to help state terrorists. It was not a revolution.


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