Friday, April 11, 2014

Vice On Crimean Tatars

Ok I know it is a bit late but it is interesting. Vice News explored last month The Crimean Tatars and made a very informative yet short documentary from that you should see if you are interested in knowing more about the Tatars in Crimea.

Tatar Nation : The other Crimea

This was filmed before the referendum of Crimea.

After watching this short documentary one has got many thoughts about ethnics minorities , lost rights and lost land , politics , history and chauvinism .

One part stroke a nerve for me about the Crimean Tatars do not believe anyone and how the Ukrainian government did not help them as a minority. I love the part where the Old Tatar lady speaks on who politicians divide the people when they are all one despite their ethnicity.

Another part is how the Russian ethnic in Crimea insists that the Tatars aided the Nazis from more than 50 years while not less 100,000 Crimean Tatar fought as part of the Russian army against the Nazis.

Despite things are different in Egypt yet this reminded me on how many people unfortunately look to the local Bedouins in Sinai because of propaganda.

Back to Crimea, needless to say I do not feel good with all what’s going in Ukraine especially that Russia seems to have an eye on other parts.

I wonder if we can see another World War III originated once again in this area. Let’s pray it won’t happen in our time.

The Pro-El Sisi/Pro-Military in Egypt are over the moon with what Putin did of course and in the same way they hated what happened in the Maiden square. No need to explain why.

We can argue about Vice as we want but their Vice News is really interesting.We need to have a similar thing in Arabic. Of course Mosireen collective is pioneer but it focuses on human rights and abuses as well civil rights only.

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