Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Egyptian Presidential Elections : As seen Live “Day-3”

Here is a live coverage for the third of the Egyptian elections , I know it is late but let’s be clear here polling stations are empty in the morning because people work and it is extremely hot.

Anyhow here is the live coverage.


  1. How Much This Game Elections Cost ??!!

    The Money Could Better Spend To House Our Shame... OUR STREET CHILDERN AND POOR.

  2. el Sisi threw as party, but no one came. Party a party pooper!

  3. seems all those millions who voted for morsi have vanished into thin air.
    Sissi was appointed President a long time ago. Elections are for show, for Western governments. Some reports say Sissi has %90. People are hoping Sissi will be a Sadat not a Mubarak. Sadat was killed though by Jihadists. Noone wants to have that fate.


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