Saturday, May 17, 2014

#FreeAzyz : And Arresting bloggers craze reaches #Tunisia

It is really frustrating because one thought that Tunisia would make it in the democratic transition after learning lessons form Egypt but what you know !!
Azyz Amami
Revolutionary Tunisian Blogger and Human rights activist Azyz Amami was arrested in Tunisia along with photographer Sabri Ben Mlouka last week by security forces. Officially they are arrested for cannabis possession but the activists in Tunisia say that it was a politically motivated arrest in the first place.
The Tunisian police says that the Tunisian blogger was arrested along with photographer Sabri Ben Mlouka last May 12 in La Goulette suburb. Both of them are being accused of cannabis possession. Both Amami and Sabry may face 5 years in prison and 3000 Tunisian Dinar fine if they are found guilty according to Law 52/1992.
Friends of Amami and Amami himself believe that this arrest was politically motivated as Amami accused of La Goulette police force of sitting the police stations and police posts there on fire during the Tunisian revolution in 2011. Recently a group of protesters and activists were accused officially of torching police stations and were referred to trial actually for this.
According to activists in Tunisia fabricating charges of cannabis possession for political activists has been a common thing in Tunisia.
Amami in a message from his detention says that he was beaten violently during his arrest. He also revealed that he refused to take a drug test when he was arrested because he wanted this test to be made under judicial supervision. 
Here is a Tunisian Facebook Page in Arabic in solidarity with Azyz. It is very informative and includes all the updates about the case as well solidarity movement
There is also a Tunisian website in French calling for the release of the Tunisian revolutionary blogger.
Since his arrest there have been several protests by activists in Tunisia.
Next Saturday May 24th there will be a stand in solidarity with Azyz in Cairo in front of Tunisian embassy.
Here is an old interview with Azyz about his memories in the Tunisian revolution with English subtitles.
Memories of Azyz Amami


  1. Without psycho-military support, the counter-revolution in Tunisia is likely destined to fail. Countries with minimal militaries have historically fared better than ones where barbarian organizations like militaries are massive and hold heavy political sway. Tunisians need to be alert to the other tactics that the counter-revolution may try in the absence of a clear ability to resort to violence.

    Notice how it is only democrats and heroes who are given sentences? Almost never do the murders, dictators, and thieves pretending to be politicians go to jail for long.

  2. Allah (swt) with him.

    We still under occupation.
    The Arab Revolution Should Continue.

  3. an independent judiciary is a prerequisite to equal ,just and fair treatment under the law. The police need to be reminded that today is new day in Tunisia as long as the judiciary remains independent rather then corrupt like it use to be.


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