Sunday, May 4, 2014

May The Force Be With you dear #Egypt

Happy Star wars day to all the fans of this amazing series aka May the Fourth Be With you.
As a hardcore fan of this series and as someone who is always being asked about how I can describe what happened and is happening in Egypt in the past months, well my dear the answer is simple. You can watch the third part of the the series and focus on the wicked Sith Lord aka Palpatine because he is so much like the Old Mubarak’s deep and wicked state.
There is one particular scene I can not forget from that part “despite I love the old sequel trilogy” , the scene where Palpatine declares the galactic empire under a thunder of applause as part of his plan using plots and fear
Liberty Dies
This is what we witness currently in Egypt.
The question is when the new hope will come ?? Will we see the new Jedi in our lives or not after all those sacrifices in the past 3 years. The problem is that reality is much complicated than fiction and films inspired by books like The Hero of thousand Faces.The problem is we can not wait for Luke and Leah to grow up because we had already waited for as a nation for something like  #Jan25 too many years , some say 30 years while others say 62 years. 
Anyhow this was a post made on the May the fourth by a geek girl in a very hot day in Cairo.
p.s : I do not feel good about the new Star wars sequel in making.

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  1. The American science fiction author David Brin believes "Star Wars" is an undemocratic, elitist story. In this article he compares it to "Star Trek," where the heroes are normal human beings, "prevailing through cooperation and wit, rather than because of some inherited godlike transcendent greatness." While we can enjoy Star Wars movies, we should recognize that the are no Jedis.


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