Thursday, July 10, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack : The attack continues

Ok For the third day in row Israel continues its attack against Gaza. The death toll in the besieged sector increased to 78 according to Palestinian health officials.
Israeli media is speaking about the land invasion in the upcoming days while the resistance groups in Gaza continues in launching rockets against Israel forcing Israelis to hide in shelters. Of course there are no shelters in Gaza.
Egypt opens Rafah crossing expectationally for Palestinian injured  , to be precise for the critical cases only. A group of Leftist activists are trying to organize a quick medical aid craven to Gaza. I do not know if it is going to pass or not. Here is a live update for the latest attack on Gaza 


  1. Hosni Mubarak was weakened by an Israel-Gaza war. Morsi was slightly strengthened through his brokering of a cease-fire to end another such conflict. Now Sisi faces a similar problem. If Sisi is ineffective at rallying support for some sort of truce or end to this strife, his domestic political position will likely suffer at least a modicum of damage. His foreign policy is weak and focuses on pontificating, often vaguely.

    Sisi is repeating many of Mubarak's errors.

  2. Hamas in Gaza constantly launches rocket attacks on Tel-Aviv, Jersualem and Haifa.

    I wonder how Egypt would react if a neighboring country launched rocket attacks on Cairo, Alexandria, and other cities?

    Please dont tell me that the Palestinians are entitled to kill Israelis because they are refugees since 1948. Since 1945 the world is full of refugees. Half of Israel is composed of jewish people who fled the Arab countries. In Europe (after WWII millions moved between Germany' Poland, France, Chech), the same goes for India-Pakistan-Bangladesh, the Balkans, Cyprus, not to mention Africa or the current tragic events in Iraq and Syria.

    None of those refugess keep their refugee status since 1948. All built a better life for them and their children in their new countries. Only the Palestinians were left as pawns to be used against Israel by the Arab and the UN corrupt leaders, and they are stupid enough to continue to play this role 70 years later, believing the same stupid propaganda, and getting the same tragic results.

    Will they ever wake up?

    1. What you wrote is nonsense.

      You should wake up instead.

    2. haha. Hamdy, you are an expert in nonsense.

  3. Zeinobia,

    Thank you for the coverage - your notes provide important information that is not always clear from the media.

    I would like to suggest a small change to one of your sentences in this post. You wrote "the resistance groups in Gaza continues in launching rockets against Israel forcing Israelis to hide in shelters". Perhaps you might consider changing that to "the resistance groups in Gaza continues in launching rockets against Israel forcing Israelis to hide in shelters (to the delight of many Palestinians), but at the same time putting the Israeli government in a situation where it has no choice but to strengthen the offensive against Gaza".


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