Sunday, July 13, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack : Day 6

And the attack continues against Gaza with death tolls increasing in to more than 160 as well threats of ground attack by Israel.
According to the UNRWA not less than 4,000 Palestinians are taking shelter at the UN organization's facilities in the besieged sector.
Another day , another confrontations.


  1. I despair. Zeinobia, why is Hama sending missiles to Israeli towns and villages? Have you seen the destruction? If people do not get killed, it is because they run to the shelters that have been set up to protect them and because Israel invented Iron Dome. Hamas leaders are hiding in the tunnels and letting the population suffer. Is that right? Is it bringing freedom for Palestine closer?

  2. Z yesterday sunday you reported on the terrorist attack in Sinai that killed 8 egyptian martyrs 9inckuding two babies) when terrorists launched surprised rocket attacks against a hospital in Rafah.

    I can't find your report today. Did you erased it ? Did you decide to report deads only in Gaza ?

    1. Well did you think about scrolling down the live update app in the post ? Because this is where you will find all the updates.

  3. OK I stand corrected.


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