Saturday, July 19, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack : When El-Bakr children were alive

Dear friend Ghazla Irshad went to Gaza in 2011 and among the stories she brought back with her a photographic report about a family that works in fishing in Gaza for decades.
Three years later that family made headlines when four of its kids were killed by the Israeli fires on the beach while they were playing. That’s El-Bakr family and here was their life in Gaza 3 years ago. According to Ghazla she does not if you took photos for those kids or not . Still this is their family , those young terrorists who were killed while playing football

I browse and search among the photos for the little boys and wonder if those were the same faces running on the beach last week for the last time in their lives.
Here is another photo taken for the 4 boys. The photographer “Siam Mohamed” says that he took it from 4 months ago.
By Siam Mohamed 
Now below a painting made by Israeli artist Amir Schiby 

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  1. Netanyahu has a lot of blood on his hands. As a result of failed two-state peace negotiations and his hatred of the Palestinian unity government, he thought he could escalate violence, repression, and tension in the West Bank without any consequences. Well, he was wrong. This fighting could eventually spread back to the West Bank. Hamas's culpability in creating and keeping this situation going does not erase or diminish the culpability and criminality of the actions of Netanyahu and his Likud/Jewish Home/etc. coalition. His government has a ton of nuts that have sabotaged peace talks and continue to spout sectarian hatred. Only a fool would believe the destruction of Hamas will bring an age of rainbows and rabbits. There will still be the fundamental problem and frequent violence.


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