Wednesday, August 27, 2014

And Some people protested against #CatMassacre

And yes there could be important stuff like the Emirati Egyptian airstrike in Libya “Which I am working on a post about it” and the detainees’ food strike as well the ceasefire in Gaza but I can not ignore this
A group of people including animals rights activists protested against the Cats Massacre outside the gates of the famous upscale club Tuesday afternoon
Yes surprisingly not less than hundred people showed up and protested against the cats massacre at Gazeera sporting club. This protest also was set up by a Facebook event. I see the photos and I feel that there is hope.

Officially the administration of the club denies that it gave any orders to execute the cats.
Now I will leave you with those cartoons about GSC’s cats massacre.
Spit what you ate "Doaa El-Adl: 
The radio : A cats massacre in one of Egypt's clubs
The Man : Did you hear that Abu Samra be thankful
to God for safety and security
"Omar Abdallat-Jordan" 

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