Saturday, August 30, 2014

#FreeAJStaff : A message from Baher to his Son

Baher Mohamed , the imprisoned Al Jazeera International produced was gifted by a very beautiful son last Thursday. The new born boy’s name is Haroun
Baher wrote a very moving letter to his new born son from his prison in Tora that was published in English
last Thursday.

Here are parts of the letter
Baby Haroun 
Sorry because you were born where free people are behind bars, including your father. Sorry too because you have come to a society where its freedom’s restricted. But I promise you I will always fight for liberty. I don’t want you to give up on this society…because I am sure that soon everything will change for the better

My dear children; there are things I learnt and I want to share with you. I was always fighting for the truth in my career, and that was not easy. Whatever it takes; keep looking for the truth and never be afraid of it. I want you all to maintain your dignity. It is one of your most precious values. Always be patient because you will face lots of obstacles in your path. Always be good to all, even to those who treat you badly.
Feel the pain of the others and keep trying to help them. If you feel you can help and make someone happy never hesitate. If you can draw a smile on someone’s face…then take the action to draw this smile.
My dear children…keep smiling because behind the clouds the sun always shines.
Finally Haroun, I want you to ask your Mama to forgive me because I couldn’t be with her the moment you arrived. I want you also to take it easy on her.
Haroun with his grandfather

And by the way…the moment you will arrive you will meet two great Australians; the parents of Peter Greste, who is in prison (with) me, as well as The great Egyptian family of Mohamed Fahmy my colleague. Together we are sharing this struggle; and together we will celebrate your birth. They are your family and their sons’ are your father’s brothers.
So don’t be shy of them.
Love you Haroun
Haroun was born while his father is being locked up in Jail for 10 years unfairly because of some cartoonish politicalized trial. The families of Peter Greste and Mohamed Fahmy were besides Baher’s Wife Gihan at the hospital.
Baher Mohamed got two children four year old Hazem and three year old Fairouz ; who witnessed their father arrest.
Unfortunately Baher is the least talked about in the Egyptian media compared to Peter Greste and Mohamed Fadel. Greste is Australian of course and Fadel got a Canadian passport , so they got more attention in Egypt as foreigners compared to Baher and the rest of the Egyptian detainees from students.
Mohamed Fadel made headlines in Egypt two weeks ago when internationally renowned human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin wrote in a strong op-ed about his trial criticizing the Egyptian Judiciary. Of course the Egyptian media identified her as George Clooney's fiancée as usual despite she is acclaimed human rights internationally before knowing him !! 
Amal Alamuddin and Naged El-Borai , the famous Egyptian human rights lawyer are now representing Mohamed Fadel Fahmy officially.
Fadel’s fiancée Marwa Omara had a very interesting interview with Canadian CBC where she revealed that she submitted to the ministry of interior a request to marry Fadel at Torah prison.
BY the way a group of Egyptian celebs from actors made that video demanding the released of Mohamed Fadel Fahmy. Those celebs are director Amr Salama , actor Khaled Abu El-Naga “Both are considered Pro-25 Jan activists” , actor Tamer Hagrass and producer Mohamed Hafezy.
Artists demand the release of Mohamed Fadel Fahmy


  1. It does not matter that so called journalists from AJ belong to the bad arabic channel or the lovely western oriented channel. It does not matter if they are award winners or run of the mill operative of a terror media channel serving the interests of vicious enemies of the homeland. They are all mercenaries hired by our islamists enemies allied with the isis , aq, bokoharam and their ilk. If the so called western channel had at least resigned when the arabic channel disclosed the identities, adresses etc. Of our security forces during their 'time for retribution' program, leading to the assasination of some security Officers by their terrorist friends may be some forgiveness could have been granted. Now lets them rot in jail.

  2. How terrible for your soul to be so hateful as this :( God bless you and them.

  3. Great Post. the Egyptian people deserve a fair and democratic Government and criminal justice system. telepathy show


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