Monday, December 22, 2014

Remembering Sheikh Emad Effat

Many from Pro-Revolutionaries discovered this man unfortunately after his tragic death.

Emad Effat , a Sheikh from Al Azhar was killed during the clashes between protesters and security forces on 15 December 2011 in what's better known in the Media as "The clashes of Cabinet HQ" .

Officially we do not know who killed Sheikh Effat. The autopsy report indicated that he was being targeted specifically but unofficially the fingers and reports are all pointing to the military police. It is worth to mention that the Pro-regime media accuses the so-called terrorists of killing him !!
This short documentary is directed by veteran TV host and Constitution party founding party Gameela Ismail. Blogger Amina Zaky is Gameela's companion in discovering that Sheikh who was unknown for many people

Unfortunately after his tragic death we discovered this man who became another revolutionary icon among the young revolutionaries. We found out that there was among us a sheikh who didnot belong to the state camp or the Muslim brotherhood camp.

H. Hellyer mentioned Sheikh Emad's in his very interesting op-ed "The Islamic Monthly" Which I highly recommend that you read it.
One prominent example was Emad Effat, a jurist from the Dar al-Ifta, or "the Abode of Verdicts". Ironically, he served at a time when Ali Gomaa’ was head of the institution. Effat disagreed with Gomaa’s politics—but loved and respected him dearly, according to numerous accounts by his students and colleagues. Reports at the time indicated that military forces killed Effat in clashes with protesters in November 2011. Effat was opposed to the return of the Mubarak regime, deeply critical of the military council of the day, and simultaneously had antipathy to the Muslim Brotherhood. When he died, he earned two titles – shaheed al-Azhar (the martyr of the Azhar), and shaykh al-thawra (the shaykh of the revolution). Since his passing, no one else has taken up that banner.
We should not forget our martyrs or their rights , we should not forget the dream they died for.

May Allah bless Sheikh Emad Effat's soul.

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