Wednesday, December 31, 2014

#SaveNebny : Let the Youth Help The People

I am sick from reading official statements in Egypt calling Youth to participate in building their country when those youth are fought on all fronts whether politics or economy or arts or even charity works. I am sick and angry.

In few hours or days a successful NGO helping thousands of families in Manshiyat Nasser , Cairo’s biggest and most impoverished areas will close its HQ office in the area because Cairo governorate wants to turn that office in to a Post office !!
Zoom in to read the problem 

Ok let’s start from the beginning. Nebny Foundation is a young NGO founded by a group of Pro-25 January revolutionaries who decided to help their country through improving the living conditions of Egyptians in another way than politics.

Since 2011 the young NGO chose  Manshiyat Nasser as an area to start their ambitious project. The NGO founded by Jawad Nabulsi focused on education , empowerment and employment in the impoverished area which needs tens of NGOs to help it. Since 2012 years the NGO was using a HQ in the area owned by the governorate.

This HQ or building was actually once the office of the governor in the area. In 2012 Cairo governor issued a decision to host the NGO in his deserted office in Manshiyat Nasser thankfully. The young volunteers did not waste any time and turned the office was near to a wasteland to a successful community centre.

Last March when the current Cairo governor issued an order to the NGO to evacuate the place immediately claiming that the successful NGO had no activity despite it had agreements with the ministry of education and was recognized by international organizations.

Thanks to a public campaign , the governor backed off but now he is back and he wants Nebny to evacuate its premiss. The NGO asked the governorate to rent the building but they did not answer. I do not understand the reason for real.

I do not understand what is the problem of Cairo governor or the head of the district with Nebny.

Already I visited Nebny HQ in  March and I met with the Children who were extremely happy and told me how the NGO changed their lives for real.

I met a girl who was in the 5th grade and could not read or write before coming to this NGO along her friends. She learned how to read and write.

Yes children in those areas like Manshiyat go to public school to learn nothing and they do not even continue their education because of economic reasons. Nebny already made programs to educate the children as well the teachers in that area on how they should deal with the students.

Nabny helped hundreds of children to continue their education without asking much from the government.

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