Tuesday, January 27, 2015

#Jan25 : Four years later !!

Honestly and truly I can not say or write anything more than what was written and said about 25 January revolution anniversary before. I can not say that the revolution has failed or succeeded but it is a long term process but one thing for sure is that it has not succeeded yet and somehow we seem to return back to the start. The same reasons that created that anger in January 2011 are still there. There is something has changed in Egypt and as laws of natures say there will never be a comeback to 24 January 2011 regardless of what happens and what it seems.

It is enough that in those 4 years many taboos were broken and people began to discuss them freely and openly , starting with the army and ending with Al-Azhar. Yes 25 January revolution is struggling but who believed it was going to be an easy ride after nearly 60 years or even 200 years as some know say that our military state was actually established by Mohamed Ali.

It is and won’t be an easy ride for anyone especially for the younger generations with all the challenges we are facing now only in Egypt but for the rest of the Arab world.

When it comes to news this year we got over 23 killed while over 100 detained all over the country. In the past 48 hours over bombs were reported , some of them are false reports of course while some of them are real. The political detainees from youth who made 25 January revolution possible have not been pardoned yet as Abdel El-Fattah El-Sisi promised. Just earlier today I read that there had been no pardon for the political detainees because Egypt has cancelled the celebration of the revolution to mourn late King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia now. Mubarak’s sons are both released from jail pending the trials instead. Just from few moments I read the appeal against the jail sentence of April 6 Youth founders Ahmed Maher and Mohamed Adel as well Ahmed Douma has been rejected. Mohamed Soltan has been on a hunger for a year. Alaa and Sanaa are in jail and this is just the tip of the ice-berg.

Clashes between protesters and security forces continue for the third day in row in populated Cairo district El-Mataria. The TV hosts are celebrating the anniversary by attacking the revolution as usual. The Pro-Revolution political parties are thinking their position from the upcoming parliamentary elections which may never take place due to the possible unconstitutionality of its laws. The Muslim Brotherhood leading figures met in the States met with John Kerry’s assistants and believe that this is a victory at the same time their supporters in Egypt curse the West for supporting the coup. It is the same old madness.  

The story is not over yet. The Revolution continues in its own way.


  1. Please do keep up the excellent output Z, hopefully one day the #democracies of the West will understand #Egypt and no longer kowtow to dictatorships.

  2. The Revolution Continue
    bead, freedom, and social justice worth fighting for
    until VICTORY IN SHAA Allah Swt.

    1. STOP ! STOP !! STOP !!!

    2. Anyone who opposes the revolution can STOP!!!!!! STOP!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP!!!!! STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      And get the f away from any levers of power in Egypt.

  3. Happy to see Reimer Magee and Ad Kieran Zelda end with Lilian Daud in ONTV

  4. My husband and I came to Egypt from Arizona in 2010 October and after having a dream in December about millions of ants carrying away the Queen Ant, (precognition perhaps) because it was at the Pyramids, we had to return in April of 2011 to congratulate and celebrate with our friends of Egypt. We are and have been sadly disturbed but hopeful that some good will eventually come about for all Egyptians.

  5. Reem Magef and Ahmed Khier el Deen with Lilian Dawoud in ONV


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