Friday, January 30, 2015

#Sinai_Massacre : The blood does not want stop

Yesterday during the football game between Ahly and Zamalek , Egypt’s major Derby militants in Sinai unleashed unprecedented series of attacks against security forces in three towns in North Sinai in the same time. It was 1:07 AM when I started working on this post. There have been true credible sources about what happened.

The attacks took place in North Sinai specially in three cities Al-Arish, Rafah and Sheikh Zowaid.

According to official sources in the ministry of health to Reuters , the death toll reached to 29 where as unofficial sources are speaking about a death toll reaching at least to 40 from both military and civilians.

I pray to God that it won’t reach that number. Now it is Friday afternoon and local journalists from North Sinai are sharing lists of names allegedly for dead military . Those local journalists are speaking about a death toll that increase toll reaching to 30.

The army issued a statement late last night , very short statement that can be described as disastrous.

The very short statement did not mention any number of the victims or the casualties, it only mentioned that due to the successful operations against terrorist hotspots in North Sinai and the failure of the Muslim Brotherhood to spoil the anniversary of the “Glorious 25 January revolution” , militants attacked several military checkpoints and locations in Sinai and that’s it !!

Due to the successful operations of the army in Sinai , more people killed in highly coordinated unprecedented attack !! Of course people have been speculating the casualties all night long. From military point of view , you are giving your enemy an upper hand in spreading what ever it wants with the lack of information. I know that the morale department believes that all the likes and support on the social media is enough to continue in that policy but that this is not right.

On the other hand unlike their previous operations , ISIS affiliated Sinai Province “Previously known Agnad Beit Al-Maqdis” issued a short statement on their official twitter account hours after the attack. “Actually some claimed that the fight continued till the morning. Usually it takes weeks before the militant radical group announces its responsibility for similar attacks.

It is worth earlier Thursday they published a set photos showing their fighters training in a parade allegedly in North Sinai’s desert.

According to some sources at least 13 civilians were killed including 5 women and 4 children including a baby. This can be the highest human loss for military and civilian in North Sinai in 2015 in a militant attacks. I am waiting for the final official death toll to compare it with the previous attacks.

El-Sisi who was in Ethiopia gave his orders to the minister of defense back in Cairo to hunt down the terrorists wherever they are. As I expected he cut his visit to Ethiopia and returned early morning. The National mourning has not been declared yet. Despite all Egyptian TV channels declared mourning for the death of late Saudi King Abdullah , they did not care to change their programme to cover what is happening in Sinai.Needless to say it seems that they did not receive orders

Personally I am angry , sad and frustrated. I know that we are not winning and yet it seems the regime and its supporters insist that we do not win  and pushing the country in to the unknown by adopting the same old populist unsuccessful policies and strategies.

People are hysterical in a scary way , there is no way for logic thinking anymore. I see what happens and I feel that we are three Egypts and not a single.

I am sorry if I seem to be pessimistic but I fear we may wake up one day in a morning that a morning on 5 June 1967 with no Sinai and as usual my generation will pay the price as it is paying price right now.

The story is developing

RIP all Egypt’s martyrs whether military or civilians.


  1. I want to ask one thing from every patriot whatever his or her opinion:

    Don't ever speak down the egyptian army and it's heroes.

    Don't ever speak up the terrorists coackroches and kill them where you can.

    That's all.

  2. wouldn't morsis term have been coming to an end soon...had we left his term to run its course. wouldn't we have been kicking him out peacfully through the ballot box....Those who were duped by the military and the old regime to join the show and the fake 'revolution' should be forgiven as emotions were at a frenzy but no-one can really believe this situation noow is better than what we had. For thier failings (which were many) the ikhwan were too weak to abuse their power to this extent and to mass murder their opponents. They needed support from other groups, sadly they chose to become buddies with the old regime thinking it would be a slow transition that they would ultimately control. More fool them. Lets hope they learnt their lesson.

  3. Armies are supposed to protect the country from external enemies not rule over the country.
    Egypts over reliance on the military has always limited its development.
    Egypt now has a growing terrorism problem and as every country has learned terrorism cannot be defeated militarily.
    Muslims are coming under attack from other muslims.
    This is a bad situation.
    Leftists and socialists are minor forces in the muslim world.
    Religious conservatives ISIS, Ikhwan, Taliban, Hamas, Hezbollah, Boko Haram, Iran, Al Shabab , the GIA in Algeria are major forces and growing.
    The other side the governments, kingdoms and armies are also conservatives.
    So it is a battle for power between conservatives who dont want change and claim to have legitimacy. Arab socialism of the 60, s and Nasser is irrelevent because the arguments are between conservatives about power not between conservatives and leftists over development, progress, education, health, economic justice and rights.
    There are some socialists but they will only get crushed in the middle. China, India and Russia are conservative led systems at present. Thats most of the world. US alternates. Europe and Latin America in general the only places where the progressive left is viable. For conservatives "security" or dominance of power comes first. For socialists "development" is the first priority or rights because without them no security is possible.

    1. It seems strange that there is basically no powerful left wing anywhere in the Arab world. There are some in the Indian subcontinent, even if they aren't progressive (communists etc.), and hardcore lefts in other places. Yet the Middle East has no true left wing governments at all, whether progressive leftists or some other type.


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