Monday, February 16, 2015

#RIP21 : Blood on the sea shore

As if there is some kind of curse in Egypt. Just after one week from losing at least 20 football fans mostly from teenagers outside a New Cairo stadium , tonight Egypt knows that another 21 young men , from poor Egyptian Upper Egyptian workers were executed God knows on by IS-affiliated militant group in Libya.
The Egyptian blood on the Libyan shore from the shocking video
"KLMTY website"
Today IS released another shocking and brutal video clip in English showing the beheading of 21 Coptic Egyptian migrant workers in cold bold on the shores of Mediterranean sea in the Libyan city of Sirte.
A horrifying video that I could not watch , I only judged by the screenshots people posted on social media. The date of the beheading is unclear as well the fate of the bodies of our workers may God bless their souls is also unclear. Those who saw the video got a lot of questions about the video and its quality. I can not watch any more of those videos.
Last Thursday IS released the 7th issue of its English “Dabiq” magazine a report about the kidnapped Coptic Egyptian workers claiming that its affiliated group abduct them in order to avenge for the alleged “Muslim women who were converted from Christianity and were tortured and killed by the Orthodox Coptic Church of Egypt”.
It also reminded the world or rather its target audience that the Islamic State in Iraq, its mother movement bombed the Catholic church in 2010 in Iraq to avenge for those ladies. The report reflected that rivalry between Al-Qaeda and IS as IS slammed Al-Qaeda's current leader Ayman El-Zawahary for being soft with the Egyptian Copts.

IS did not mention any demand in that article nor it did say that it executed but the orange jumpsuits and beheading positions in the two photos in that report prepared us for the bad news and the shocking video.
Till Sunday morning the Egyptian authorities said it clearly that it did not have any confirmation or information that Egyptian abductees were executed.
That means we got no so good intelligence out there anymore. Yes people speculated that they were executed but only from the orange jumpsuits.
You must know that those young Coptic Egyptians were kidnapped on two batches.
The first batch in December and the second batch in January. Their real poor families who live in another under the poverty line village in the heart of Upper Egypt in Minya were begging for help for months.
By the way as cold-blood public figures in Egypt are not attacking the victims for travelling and working in Libya. Pro-Mubarak Pro-Sisi Classist Lamis Gaber wondered from two days ago on State-owned “Radio Misr” why those workers did not stay in Egypt and begged for food with their dignity instead of travelling abroad !!!!
I do not know what to say.
Here is a video report made last month about those poor workers and their families.

What is worse is that the contradictions in statements coming from the Libyan officials and politicians who did not know whether they were alive or dead. Already The Libyan Dawn forces deny that there are IS-affiliated militias control Sirte in the first place !! I do not know what to say. But logic says to get from IS militias , the other Libyan militias including Haftar’s army and Libyan Dawn have to unite.   
Almost all the famous TV channels in Egypt have broadcasted the video clip of IS militant group with no regards what so ever to humanity or viewers. Almost all TV channels started a hysteria that Egypt should invade Libya. Of course they could not forget the global conspiracy against Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood, Qatar, Turkey, Israel and the United States. Cheap TV hosts like Ahmed Moussa are using that shocking video which I could not watch and claim that El-Sisi saved us from the same fate.  
I want IS to disappear tomorrow from the surface of the earth but despite I am not a politician nor a military I know that I should not take quick emotional actions. I can not get involved militarily in another country especially like Libya when North Sinai’s partially is out of control and my domestic front is on fire for real with bad economic situation and upcoming parliamentary elections.
I can not got involved militarily when all the Libyan parties are against each other. People compare El-Sisi to Sadat in his short military fight with Qaddafi forgetting that Sadat did not face all that shit in Egypt then.
El-Sisi held an urgent National Defense council meeting tonight and addressed the publicly.
Egypt reserves its right to retaliate against the killing of 21 Egyptian Copts by the IS militia in Libya at the suitable time and place, El-Sisi declared in his short urgent speech to the public late Sunday. He also ordered the evacuation of Egyptians from Libya.
Egypt has declared the national mourning for seven days.

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