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#UWK_Massacre : How many people have died on that bloody day at the stadium ??

First of all those are happy snapshots for Zamalek club fans before the sad events last Sunday. Little they did know.
By Omar Hany
By Eslam Rashwa  who said "we are not bad or thugs
we went to the game to have fun" 
Second How many people have died last Sunday at the Air Defense stadium outside the game between Zamalek and ENPI??
Officially the Forensic medical authority issued its final statement stating that there were 20 football fans mostly from teens who have been killed due to suffocation and stampede.
On the other hand also Zamalek’s fans are spreading  a list of 43 names of people who died on that night because of stampede, suffocation, tear gases and birdshot. It originated on the Facebook pages .Yes there are names and there has been no official explanation for those names.
Update : Some are saying those 42 names including the injured and the missing. 
This list is spreading like fire 
Also the cause of death , the State’s forensic authority says that  Stampede and suffocation where as we got testimonies that at least one fan died from birdshot according to his father’s statement to MBC Misr at the morgue.

We need to know the real truth.
This is not the first time something like that happens.

Sadly enough neither the ministry of defense nor the ministry of health has not announced till this day the final death toll of the horrifying attacks that took place in North Sinai on 29 January 2015. So far we know that at least 30 have been killed.
According to news reports the ministry of health officials in North Sinai were given orders not to reveal any numbers to the media regarding the death toll after hours of the IS-associated “Sinai Province” attacks on security and military checkpoints.
It is worth to mention there has been no statement from the Egyptian armed forces to explain what really happened on that bloody night either.
Anyhow let’s stick to the UWK massacre.

Things are going to be darker after the Zamalek’s hardcore fans “White Knight Ultras Group” {UWK} announced on Friday on their Facebook page that they would seek revenge themselves from the club’s chairman Mortada Mansour as well the ministry of interior and its men using very strong language.

Zamalek Chairman and controversial lawyer Mortada Mansour held on Saturday a press conference to present the new coach !! oh Yes like nothing from a week ago. He also claimed that he was not responsible for what happened to the fans blaming the Ultras members as usual.
He also aired during the presser an alleged confession of an alleged Ultras member during his interrogation by authority that the group was planning to clash with security forces for the sake of money !!  Is it even legal to air something like publicly when there is an official investigation ??

Well I am afraid Mortada Mansour is responsible according to the testimonies of many of his clubs as well newspapers’ online and offline archives.
This news about how Zamalek Club would allow its fans to see the game for free from Veto Gate , Masr Al-Arabia and Al-Wafd websites was published on Wednesday , 4 February 2015. 
Because of that announcement people went to see the game from all over Egypt.
The Zamalek club fans who went to book tickets from the club before the game did not find any tickets as they were turned in to invitations and they were being told that they should not be worried because they would see the game for free in stadium.
Also the people in popular Meit-Okooba area where Zamalek Club is located say that his son Ahmed Mortada Mansour who is running for parliamentary elections in the area promised them to see the game at the stadium for free.
Mortada Mansour and his announcement made thousands of fans to show up on that day and he is responsible for that. 
Now security forces have arrested several members of the Ultras White Knights leading figures. Earlier today I read that the prosecution is investigating the reports that police officers in a Giza police station tortured 3 detained Zamalek fans in order to force them to confess that they took money from the Muslim Brotherhood to create that stampede.
It is worth to mention that last week the media was only asking whether the football team players who played the game against ENPI knew that people were dying outside and did not ask the important questions like why the security forces did not open all the gates and relied on one gate when thousands of fans were outside, why the security forces installed for the first time the narrow metal gate before the main gate, Why the security forces aka Central Security forces did not use water cannons to disperse the rioters as the riots as they claim and they went directly to tear gases and birdshots against the Holy Protest law,Why it took the ambulances hours to get to the location. Nobody cared to ask those questions except very few in the media.
Filgoal's infographs about the sad event
Now here is a very infograph made by Football website Filgoal about the events : 
  1. Huge number of fans showed outside the stadium and only one gate was made to allow them in.
  2. The metal gate is narrow and fell on the people inside it.
  3. Then security forces began to fire extensively tear gases “birdshot according to eye witnesses”
  4. A Stampede happens.
More videos  began to surface from that bloody day.
Those videos show the huge number of fans waiting to enter from one gate despite there are other gates in the stadium and usually they are open for fans.

The fans here are singing the famous Pro-Zamalek chants. They did not sing any political chants from any kind.

Now that video shows the start of the stampede when people were begging the security forces to open the gates because people were dying. It also recorded the moment that that metal gate fell on the fans. The ministry of interior claimed that that was a fabricated video.

Another extremely important video showing the start of the events. We got three groups of the fans. The first group was left at the direct gate of the stadium and was not let in by security forces. The second group was stuck at the narrow gate and the third group was the rest of the fans. The fans were screaming : Open the gate , open the gate.
What happened at the air defense stadium ?

That video was after the stampede. The fans were not attacking the security forces and trying to help each other and to help their friends.

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