Thursday, March 5, 2015

Children of Yarmouk Refugees Camp Say They Are Hungry , Will The World Listen ?

Syrian activists launched online a twitter Hashtag campaign tonight called “#I_am_hungry” in Arabic trying to make the world pay attention to the human tragedy taking place at Yarmouk Refugees Camp in Damascus.
According to UNRWA it has been 87 days since the UN organization was able to fully distribute food in the camp.

If You think that this is strange and you won’t believe it then check the sad and horrifying photos and videos taken by activist and citizen journalist Rami Al-Sayed.

Ladies standing queue to receive food in buckets at Yarmouk camp
earlier this month "Rami Al-Sayed" 
Here are video taken earlier this week at Yarmouk refugee camp.
Food Distribution at Yarmouk Camp
The second video is even worse where children gather the remains of the food in their buckets telling Mr. Al-Sayed with tiny voices that they got no food at home.

Children of Yarmouk
I am hungry - A child from Yarmouk camp
His face says it all "Rami Al-Sayed" 
I am hungry- Rami AL-Sayed hopes that his photos can do something 
That hunger extends to El-Hagar El-Asawd area in South Damascus besides
the Camp
At least 10 people died reportedly in the camp because of lack food and medical supplies in the camp since the start of 2015.
Already Syrian and Palestinian activists say that not less 150 died because of hunger in the camp last year !!
Al-Assad's army troops are currently besieging the camp.
Shall I dare and ask where the Palestinian factions especially Fatah and Hamas are from this agony !? Shall I dare and wonder how the Iranian regime claims that it is the only defender of the Palestinian rights in the region but it allows their allies to kill the refugees like that !?
Shall I dare and ask where the rest of the Arab countries are !?
Shall I dare and ask where the rest of the world is !?
No I won’t ask because I know the answers in advance.

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  1. نحن الأندونيسون ندعو كل الصباح لصلاح أحببنا المسلمين في أنحاء العلم.... اللهم سلمنا والمسلمين....


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